Gum disease

By Dr Andre Clarke

GUM disease is a commonplace damaging inflammatory process of the gums. This disease like other diseases that affect the body, attacks and destroys the integrity of the tissue affected (in this case the gums), causing discomfort and pain. It often time, starts slowly and progresses steadily until it shakes your smile. It can shake the teeth right out of your mouth, figuratively and literally. Do not let it happen to you. Contact your dentist and get more Information.

Deep scaling

This is a type of cleaning your dentist or hygienist sometimes performs in order to get rid of tartar, bacteria and food material from (deep) under the gums. The cleaning is done, effectively, when the gums are made numb by using an anesthetic, administered by an injection in the area or by a topical gel. A deep scale cleaning usually costs more than a regular cleaning, because more skill is needed.


This is an important part of keeping the mouth clean and of fighting gum disease. Toothbrushes are excellent at applying toothpaste and cleaning particles from the smooth surfaces of the teeth. They were not invented to clean between the teeth, so if you brushed all day everyday, between your teeth would still be unclean. This exemplifies the common adage, “A hammer only knows how to be a hammer.”

We can safely say that a toothbrush only knows how to be a toothbrush.

The stage is now set for floss to play its part. It was invented to clean between the teeth and more importantly between the gums and the teeth. It slides into these narrow spaces and with some manipulation, removes particles trapped there. You should floss once daily, so that nothing hides in the gum crevices that will damage your teeth and/or gums.


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