Man Facing Charges Over Online Video ‘Death Threats’


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 32-year-old man is now facing charges in Magistrate’s court after he allegedly brandished a firearm and made indirect death threats in a video posted on social media.

Xavient Taylor, of Key West Street, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes on a charge of possession of an imitation firearm with the intent to put others in danger for his alleged actions in the near two-minute long video.  

Police told The Tribune that the alleged firearm is being classified as an “imitation” until further investigations confirm what kind of gun was used by the suspect.

The video, which was posted to social media on July 8, showed a man brandishing what appeared to be a fully loaded gun with an extended magazine and making unspecified death threats, while also boasting of his shooting prowess.

At least three other men could be heard and/or seen throughout the duration of the video, including the man that recorded the video. However, their faces could not be seen.

“This ain’t no game,” the man said, showing the camera the extended magazine, loaded with ammunition. “This how we (expletive) living. This ain’t no (expletive) game.”

“If these (expletive) ain’t no shooters, this a shooter right (expletive) here,” he continued. “One shot is all we need to catch a (expletive).”

He added: “We don’t waste. Blood we (expletive) taste.”

The man in the video also professed to be a member of the One Order gang. 

On Monday, Taylor was not required to enter a plea and was subsequently remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. 

The matter was adjourned to October 6, 2015 when a voluntary bill of indictment (VBI) will be served. 


Sickened 5 years ago

Thankfully most of these gang members are morons. Makes them easier to catch... and then let out on bail.


banker 5 years ago

Instead of reading Facebook, why aren't the police finding the killers of Hywel Jones, Harl Taylor, Thad Johnson etc.?


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