You Are The Change You Are Searching For


EVERYTHING changes. Life is a continuous cycle of changes. From the time we form as tiny drops of protoplasm all the way to our ultimate demise, we have changed and continue to change.

In fact, our early years gave us an indelible relationship with change. We ran with haste towards our growth through the stages of our development.

Yet as we get to a later stage, many of us fear change. We no longer run towards it as a norm, instead we run away. We become too afraid to move along those essential steps of change for us to grow.

It’s important to understand that life is a series of changes and these changes are not happening to you, but are happening through you. Change is an inside job.

Those who live with purpose and power recognise the need to befriend change. They know that they are the change they are searching for. Too many of us spend our whole lives waiting for someone to give us permission to live life on our terms.

You must activate your own authority over your life. Be willing to make the changes necessary to live your life as you desire.

Your acceptance of the fact that you are the change is critical to accepting that you have authority over your life. You must act as if you know that you are in control of how your life changes. Think, speak and step as if you know who you are and the power you have.

Is this easier said than done? Maybe. But if you are willing to own your power, you can get it done. The majority of people live powerless, not because they are without power, but because they do not know that they have the power.

This is evident in the way people show up in their life. Most are fearful, worried and uncertain about life. They are unaware of their power and so experience being powerless.

What about you? Do you know you have the power and hold the key to your own freedom?

Only you can determine what do with your life – how or if you will change those things that you can, or just ignore them and remain living in quick sand.

You cannot grow without changing and you cannot positively change without growing.

To live a bigger life, you must be willing to change. You must be willing to take bigger risk. Don’t spend your whole life waiting for someone else to change your life. You are empowered to change your own life – to go from brokenness to wholeness.

It may not seem so, but your outer life is merely a reflection of your inner life. You have the power to create meaningful change your life, but you must muster the courage to do it.

As a life coach, I have coached many clients through this power point of change. They often come to coaching with a strong desire to get some place else, to get there where they hope to experience something better.

But I remind my clients that ‘there’ as it were, is only ‘better’ if they understand ‘here’ where they are now and how they got ‘here’.

This is the point of knowing who you are before knowing who you are seeking to become. While coming to coaching is an enormous step in the right direction, you are still the one who must do the work.

Remember that this is your life. It belongs to you alone. You are the one who must direct the orchestra to ensure they are playing the symphony of your choosing. This is the only way you can dance to your rhythm within.

You should live your life full of power, not powerless. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. You are the change. You make change happen. Real change takes time. Find the courage to do the work. Be your own change agent.

Leader to leader, make today the day that you own the position that you are the change that you are seeking to find.

With this power in your hand, you become unstoppable at living the life you love.

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• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach and leadership expert. Visit www.michellemmiller.com or send snail mail to PO Box CB-13060.


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