Xtreme Gladiator Championship Set For South Andros Next Month


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GLADIATOR Championship Wrestling was so impressed with their trip to South Andros over the weekend that they are eager to return on July 11 for the Xtreme Gladiator Championship on the island.

GCW’s CEO and executive producer Nick Cara and Len Davies, the director/producer/actor returned to New Providence with the local organisers from the Solar Verde Bahamas Limited where they paid courtesy calls on both Minister of Agriculture V Alfred Gray and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Dr Daniel Johnson.

They had a chance to present their plan and also introduce Anansi, the newest member of the GCW, who will become the first Bahamian to compete in the event. Anansi will be making his debut at the Xtreme Gladiator Championships during the Independence Holiday.

“We had some rain on the first day, but the second day was just beautiful,” Cara said. “We interacted with the people during the festival and it was so relaxing. Everybody had a good time. We announced the upcoming two events and everybody was excited about it.”

Cara, the GCW and ECW world champion, was joined by Allen Sarven, former WWF Hardcore Champion, Rafael Shawn Hernandez, the TRA World champion and Travis Bagent, the Arm Wrestling World champion and a number of other persons from their organisation.

“We’re going to have some big surprises for the Bahamians,” said Cara, who noted that they would be leaving for the United States on Tuesday to work on the logistics for bringing the event here because they return in two weeks to start the promotion of the events.

Davies said the GCW is having a ground breaking event in the Bahamas.

“What Nick is bringing here is something new but the people in Andros love it,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to coming back to the Bahamas and putting on this spectacular event.”

The group was presented to Gray by Rev Dr Philip McPhee, who said he was pleased to have seen the wrestlers in action in Andros.

“They have made a contribution to the South Andros Regatta for the past two years and they have some tremendous plans to bring wrestling to South Andros,” McPhee said. 

Gray was delighted to hear that the GCW is taking the event to Andros.

“Wrestling in the Bahamas is a sport that is followed by thousands,” he said.

“I myself don’t understand it, and it might be because I don’t understand why people stand and get hit five times before they move and when they do move, they move with all the power. That’s a tricky sport.”

While boxing, to Gray, is more popular in the Bahamas, Gray said hopefully the presence of the GCW will spur more Bahamians to get involved in the sport. So he thanked GCW for taking the event to Andros and he hopes that they can venture to other parts of the Bahamas in the future.”

Once the event takes off, Cara assured Gray that they intend to spread their wings to include more islands. He also presented Gray with some of the Xtreme Energy Drink that was introduced to the Bahamian public in Andros and he even challenged the minister to join Anansi in getting involved in the sport.

Gray, however, objected and indicated that he prefers to be in the same position that he is in, watching from the sidelines.

As for the introduction of Anansi, Davies said it’s obvious that he has some work to do, but they are eager to get him in the ring.

“He’s going to take the world by storm,” Davies said. “He is home grown, but we know that he will do very well.”

Anansi, a 21-year-old sports fanatic, began competing at Ray Minus Jr’s Boxing Club where he trains. He said he’s excited to be able to get on the big stage that will be provided by GCW.

“I’m very excited about the events that are coming up and I want the Bahamian people to know that I need their support,” he said. “This is the first match that I will be doing as a professional and I’m going to prove myself to the world. Please be there. You don’t want to miss it.”

In preparation for his pro debut, Anansi says he has to eat a lot of food and and put on some more weight so that he can compete in the cruiserweight division.

“Andros was great. This was my first time being there and I love it,” he said. “I’m going to have to go back, but I know I have to do a lot of eating and weight cardio training and learning the ring system. It’s a lot of stuff that I have to go through, but I’m getting prepared for it.

“I learnt a lot just being around these guys (GCW) in Andros. It began as a friendship and then it branched out into family. I felt the vibe from everyone. It was just so amazing.”


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