Ministry Confirms Nurse Suspended Over Ambulance At Prom

Pictures posted on Facebook showing the ambulance being used during prom.

Pictures posted on Facebook showing the ambulance being used during prom.


Tribune Chief Reporter


THE MINISTRY of Health has confirmed that a public nurse has also been suspended in connection with the use of a government ambulance at a high school prom in Abaco earlier this month.

Officials condemned the "unauthorised and frivolous" use of the emergency vehicle, adding that there was zero tolerance for the misuse and abuse of public resources.

In a statement released yesterday, it was confirmed that the nurse was placed on administrative leave after she submitted a formal report detailing her involvement in the unauthorised use of the ambulance for a non-health related activity.

"On receipt of the signed report by the nurse outlining her involvement," the statement read, "the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the Bahamas Nurses Union Agreement 22.04, Public Service Commission Regulation 43 and General Orders 1041, has placed the Officer on Administrative Leave with effect from 17th June 2015 pending the outcome of a full investigation of the matter.

"The Ministry of Health wishes to make it patently clear that there is zero tolerance for such misuse and abuse of public resources in the Ministry, inclusive of the Department of Public Health and Public Hospitals’ Authority, while noting that, at the same time, there could have been a real need for Emergency Medical Response, which would have been delayed by this frivolous activity."

The disciplinary action came after photographs were posted on social media, showing a teen girl dressed all in white, arriving at a prom in Marsh Harbour in the ambulance on June 13. The teen, identified as Ashvonn Russell, pretended to be unconscious and was then carried out of the ambulance on a stretcher by what appears to be Emergency Services Personnel. Her date, Johnny Auguste,dressed as “Prince Charming,” then kissed her and brought her back to life, according to reports.

Health officials said they were alerted to a report on Facebook on June 14, and launched an immediate investigation.

The story has caught international attention. In an interview with an online publication, Ms Russell apologised to her critics but said she can never apologise “for being artistic and creative because that makes me who I am”.

Two Public Hospitals Authority employees, attached to the Emergency Medical Services department, were suspended for 10 days following the incident.

The photographs, which were shared thousands of times on social media sites, received mixed reaction from the public and made international headlines as well as several talk shows.


duppyVAT 4 years, 5 months ago

Soooooooooo, the nurse was responsible for the ambulance???????? Where was the MOH officer in charge of Abaco ????????????? There must be more to it than firing a nurse ........ this sounds like typical civil service cover-up ........................ where are the bosses when the underlings are doing their own thing??????????? ................ the Abaco MOH boss must account for this slackness


DillyTree 4 years, 5 months ago

duppy has a very good point -- since when are nurses in charge of the ambulances? What about the crew assigned to the ambulance? I don't see where they have been disciplined, or for that matter the MOH official in Abaco responsible for that department.

I do hope this little girl has learned something about responsibility and the consequences of her actions. She doesn't sound very contrite, and it's a shame her self-professed "artistic and creative" skills aren't being put to better use instead of being self-indugent and immature.

Thank goodness no one desperately needed that ambulance while it was being used as a party limo.


ThisIsOurs 4 years, 5 months ago

This was the most dumb stunt I have ever seen (outside of prom "coffin" girl), and how morbid. Which adult listened to this girl and said that's a great idea. Further going forward, every school in the country should immediately reject any proposal by the student body for a "most dramatic" prom entrance. They are CHILDREN, it's up to the adults to set the guidelines, even when the students kick and scream and throw tantrums.

We have too many people, that no Prince Charming kiss will ever bring back to life, being transported in ambulances for anyone to support this foolishness.


Emac 4 years, 5 months ago

Isn't it amazing how parents place so much emphasis on how their kids appearance during prom day while giving much support to these prom activities,but could care less about their child's overall academic achievements?


duppyVAT 4 years, 5 months ago

Emac ................... that is the crux of the education problem ........... primary school children with smartphones and latest fashions ......... but no lunch, uniform, PE clothes, textbooks or lab fees .................................. we just get it all ass-backwards ............. then by the time they get to high school , they cant make 2.00 to graduate but they spend $3,000 on prom ......... SMDH


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