Families Enjoy Grant's Town Block Party


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MORE than 100 children and families participated in the recent Grant's Town Block Party, part of an initiative started by three individuals seeking to provide "more opportunities and activities to socio-economically deprived children and their families".

The party was hosted last Saturday by Lend a Hand Bahamas, a non-profit organisation started in 2013 by Lucas Metropulos, a 21-year-old Duke University senior and president and CEO of Fishing for Families in Need, community activist Valentino "Scrooge" Brown, and Edmund Dorsett.

The organisation aims to construct a much needed community centre on Lewis Street in Grants Town and Bain Town. The five-hour fundraising party featured food, fun and activities.

The day before the event, children and others from the Grant's Town community worked together to clean up the local basketball court.

Mr Metropolus, from Boca Raton, Florida, said he was “optimistic” that ground could be broken “as early as Spring”.

“I was told by a contractor that, once it’s rolling, construction doesn’t always take a long time in the Bahamas because you have to get it up before hurricane season pretty much. So hopefully by the end of summer 2015 you’ll see a new structure there and you can drive by and say hello,” he said.

Among the Bahamian companies and individuals who pitched in to make the event a success were: Rotary Club of East Nassau, Marco's Pizza, Sports Center, Harbourside Marine, Andbank Bahamas, the British Colonial Hilton, Sandy Toes, Green Parrot, Athena Cafe, Imperial Cafeteria, Olives Meze Grill, Brass & Leather and the Software Club.

Also assisting were George Mailis, Laura Kimble and Marvin Coleby.


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