Compass Point manager hurt in shooting


Tribune Staff Reporter


POLICE are investigating two shooting incidents, one of which left a manager at the Compass Point Beach Resort in hospital.

According to sources at the West Bay Street resort, shortly after 1am a man armed with a handgun entered the restaurant and accosted an employee, later identified as the dining room manager, and demanded cash. Compass Point Resort general manager Philip Smith told The Tribune he does not believe the victim was targeted by the assailant, suggesting that the gunman was just after the company’s money.

Police reports indicated the assailant shot and robbed the manager of an undetermined amount of cash before fleeing on foot. The victim was taken to hospital, where he remains in serious condition.

Officers are also investigating an incident that occurred around 8pm in the Englerston area.

Reports are that a man walking on Podoleo Street was shot multiple times in his lower body. The unidentified man was rushed to hospital where he remains in serious condition.

Anyone with information is asked to call police pm 919, Crime Stoppers on 328-8477 in New Providence or 1-242-300-8476 in the Family Islands.


ChefSmith 8 years, 6 months ago

Their needs to be more open diolag on how precious life is! It is obvious that their are those amount us who has very little regards for what human lives is about. One is left to wonder how does it feel to endanger or take a life. What is the justification for robbing someone , then seek bail or wanting to be treated like a normal human being , with protection in prision , family bring you food so as to entertian the life style of a suit on PI or Cable beach. Lets do the maths ; crime is a mental problem. Therefore they need to first treat the illness with the proper medicine ; which will take us back to the up bring of kids , where as not just the parent , teacher or gaurdian is responsible , but and entire community. Its a fact that our youths needs attention and nurturing.......thats why they are trying to prove so much. Lets stop with the empty promises from politicians . We need to build a society creating the understanding with the youths that they are valued and an important part of the society. a positive life must be the topic on everyone lips , not just victims . All of us are responsible in some ways for the hatred with display toward our brothers . We sometimes speaks love and christianity when its convinent to us. Saturday / Sunday should not be the only day to remember that their is a creature, it should be everyday. Let us all start thanking God for what he has done and be more apprieciative of the fact that life is the most precious resource , and we must preserve it at any cost.


killemwitdakno 8 years, 6 months ago

Crime is a attitude problem. They feel like they can just take.

A lot of hostile anti God talk going around. What regard are people supposed to have when atheist on the move are ensuring everyone views human life as trivial? Everyone's worthless, just another animal. Everyday is the same, random chance that can't be given meaning. Why should the killer expect that his victim's life meant anything if he views his own life as nothing or value turned to shit?

Instead of him use a craft to earn enough to better himself.. Oh I forgot, Bahamians will be discoursing, not hire you , and government doesn't seed find those sorts of efforts. The youths dem don't know enough about different industries to buy a machine to start doing something.


outlier 8 years, 6 months ago

I do not know the dining room manager of Compass Point, but I hope that he survives his injuries. My heart goes out to this victim and his family, friends and co-workers.

Out of all of the places to enjoy the north-west side of New Providence Island, Compass Point is a favourite of mine. A beautiful, laid-back place with charm to spare.

Last week I told my friends who are visiting from Belgium to go out to Compass Point and enjoy the great food, staff and atmosphere which is awesome. So much for that idea.

Instead of going out there, we will spend our money by sending flowers to the hospital where the victim is recovering.


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