Murder Suspect Vasyli To Submit Alibi In 21 Days


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A WOMAN accused of her Australian husband’s murder said she would submit an alibi to the Office of the Attorney General in 21 days.

Donna Vasyli, 54, appeared in Magistrates Court yesterday for a voluntary bill of indictment (VBI) presentation that would fast track her case to the Supreme Court for trial.

The VBI hearing stemmed from the widow’s arraignment six weeks ago before Chief Magistrate Joyanne Ferguson-Pratt concerning the March 24 fatal stabbing of millionaire podiatrist Phillip Vasyli at their Old Fort Bay home.

The chief magistrate asked Murrio Ducille, one of the accused two lawyers, if he had read the contents of the VBI.

“I have your worship,” Mr Ducille said.

“Ms Vasyli please stand up, perhaps you would want to come forward and have a word with your counsel, he may wish to say something to you,” the judge told the accused.

The chief magistrate went on to explain that the VBI contained the Crown’s case against her and would facilitate the transfer of the case from the Magistrates Court to the Supreme Court.

The chief magistrate further instructed the accused that she could not offer an alibi at trial if she did not enter one at the VBI presentation or within 21 days to the Office of the Attorney General.

After consulting with Mr Ducille, Vasyli chose the latter and is now scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court before Justice Bernard Turner on June 12 to receive a date for trial.

She will be allowed to enter a plea to the murder charge at her Supreme Court appearance.

Mr Vasyli, 59, was found lifeless in the dining room of his luxury home with multiple stab wounds. He was the owner of four podiatry clinics – three in Sydney, Australia and one at the Old Fort Bay Medical Centre in New Providence.

His wife has been on remand since March 30 when she was arraigned in connection with the murder.

However, she has since applied twice for bail to the Supreme Court.

Vasyli’s lawyers filed documents in the appellate court on May 4, days after Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs, who was ordered by the Court of Appeal to reconsider his initial refusal of bail a month ago, denied bail a second time to the accused.

The appellate court is expected to decide on Friday whether she will be granted bail ahead of trial.


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