Stuart Manor Primary Worships At Ebenezer


STUART Manor Primary School Principal Margaret Woodside, along with Marlene Hall, Olive McPhee, Shantel McKenzie, parents and students, recently visited Ebenezer Union Baptist in Exuma to worship God and thank Him for His guidance, protection and wisdom.

Dressed smartly in their grey and red uniforms and exhibiting great manners and decorum, the students earned praise.

Mrs Woodside said: “The children see that we are worshipping God and once they see us doing what is right, they will want to live a good life too.”

She said that the children will emulate parents and teachers, adding that while the school can make sure they get good academic qualifications and dress properly they should be encouraged to seek God first.

Reverend Stephen Smith encouraged the students to be carriers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He prayed for the school and wished Principal Woodside and her team great success as they impart knowledge to the country’s future leaders.


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