Two boats overdue to return to Green Cay, Exuma

TWO boats are overdue to return on separate fishing trips to Green Cay, BASRA's Chris Lloyd confirmed on Friday.

The first is a 25ft vessel named Dr B with white hull green Bimini. Onboard are Captain Burrows, Cory Burrows, and Kevin Hepburn. The 25 ft boat departed on Tuesday from Yamacraw in New Providence.

The second is a 21 ft Seahaw. Onboard are Eric Collie and Marcus Bain, who departed from South Beach.

South Beach MP Cleola Hamilton has confirmed that the Royal Bahamas Defense Force is coordinating assistance.

Mr Lloyd said: "They're overdue but obviously if they were at Green Cay the wisest thing to do would be to stay there. We always tell persons when they get caught in weather to go to the nearest safe port. US Coast Guard Mark Driver said they are bringing in assets from Florida. They have a Medivac off the coast of Cuba with launch after 3pm. They have agreed to fly to Green Cay, it's not too out of the way. They have limited fuel so it's not a search and rescue but we're hoping they can confirm that there are two vessels anchored or five persons waving at them so we know they're safe and when the weather breaks we can get a vessel to them. If they're not at Green Cay, if the weather is suitable for search we will go out.

"These are small boats," Mr Lloyd said.

"There is limited radio range so you're not expecting to hear anything. There are plenty of coconuts I know Mr Hepburn he's a seasoned fisherman he knows what to do. I'm hoping the US coast guard can confirm they are there and ease the concerns that the families have, and then we can work on getting them when the weather is suitable and not jeopardizing anyone else."


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