BEC restores power to 80% of affected homes


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THE Bahamas Electricity Corporation has restored supply to “approximately 80 per cent” of customers affected by Hurricane Joaquin, officials said yesterday.

In a statement, BEC said supply has been restored to most communities in the islands hardest hit by the category four hurricane, including Acklins, San Salvador, Long Cay, Rum Cay and Long Island. However, work has not yet started on Crooked Island, which still remains a “challenge”.

“Restoration in Acklins and Long Cay is complete,” BEC said. “In Acklins, the majority of BEC’s 87 customers on the island have had their supplies restored. Supply restoration was delayed prior to Saturday after the dock on island was badly damaged during the storm. Once repairs to the dock were complete, a vessel transported necessary supplies to the island on Saturday, October 17 and crews were flown in to begin work immediately. Repairs to BEC’s supply to buildings were completed on Saturday simultaneous with pole planting, which continues in the affected communities. BEC expects full restoration in Rum Cay before the end of this week.”

“There are 570 BEC customers in San Salvador and supply has been restored to more than 80 per cent of those customers. So far, on the southern end of the island, supply has been restored to most communities with work remaining in just two areas. In the north, supply has been restored to all communities except United Estates where work is scheduled to begin soon. BEC estimates that restoration on San Salvador will be completed by early next week.

“BEC continues to make good progress on the southern end of Long Island which suffered the most damage following Hurricane Joaquin. Electricity supply has been restored as far south as Clarence Town with pole planning and overhead line work continuing towards those communities south of this area.”

The statement said restoration work in Crooked Island is expected to begin “soon.”

“Supplies have already been shipped to the island and other resources, including temporary housing for work crews are expected to reach the island soon,” the statement said.

BEC teams in the Family Islands continue to receive assistance from teams from New Providence as well as CARILEC – the Caribbean Association of Electric Utilities - members.

CARILEC teams include Grand Bahama Power & Light, US Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA), The British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation, and Jamaica Public Service Company.


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