The Family Project Starts Training On September 12

THE Family: People Helping People project is now in its third year of operation and begins a new training phase on September 12 for counsellors wanting tips on human development and functioning.

The event is from 9am to noon at New Providence Community Centre on Blake Road. The weekly training sessions continue through December.

Dr David Allen, principal director of The Family programme, said that the training aspect of his free, therapeutic group sessions has become an anchor for the whole outreach.

Those participating in training become qualified as facilitators to work with existing and new “Family” groups throughout Nassau. Over 25 groups now reach 400 people in weekly sessions throughout the city. The groups provide and model a supportive process to help people learn to relieve stress in a healthy manner and to express their feelings of anger.

The Family programme is a research-based project founded by Dr Allen, distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association with specialisations in psychiatry and public health, and 42 years experience in the field. The programme is funded by The Templeton World Charity Foundation.

The organisation’s research, derived from almost 800 sessions, has shown that although New Providence has a soaring murder rate, violence is actually rooted in the inordinately high level of anger our people are experiencing. In Dr Allen’s view, until we reduce our anger rate, it will be difficult to reduce the murder rate. Accordingly, his well-structured training programme helps Family facilitators learn how to deal with key issues like anger management, conflict resolution, shame issues, grief and loss.


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