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Members of the Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries are certain that the theme of their second annual “Women At The Well” conference made the event such a success .

Held at the Commonwealth Mission Baptist Church, the conference had as its theme, “I Will Never Be Bound Again”, which organisers said created an atmosphere of transparency, healing and deliverance for women from different walks of life.

Felicia Archer, founder of the organisation said God once again made it possible for the turnout to exceed her expectations.

“Many people received their deliverances through praise and worship, and certainly through the Word of God that was delivered powerfully each night. Each speaker brought a sobering, dynamic and revelatory word that challenged the people of God to live a life of freedom,” said Ms Archer.

Pastor Carnetta Ferguson of the Church of God of Prophecy was the first speaker. She challenged people to live a life of holiness and to leave their water pots at the well.

On the second night, Ms Archer took on the topic “One Touch. One Encounter”, connecting the biblical stories of ‘The Woman at the Well’ and ‘The Woman with the Issue of Blood’. On the final night, Pastor Cleopatra Williams of Life Changers Ministries brought down the house as she dealt with the spirit of delusion, offence and jealousy.

Ms Archer said the place was charged with the presence of the Lord and many chains of the enemy were broken and destroyed. “On the final night broken relationships were restored as many women in attendance were not speaking to each other due to the spirit of offence. During Pastor Williams’ message she exposed that offensive spirit and challenged these women to get up and go to one another and say, ‘I’m sorry’. There was a lady on one side of the room that ran straight to the person she had issues with, embraced her and asked for forgiveness. They were able to let go, forgive and move on. I was also shock to see the attendance level of the males who also cried out before the Lord to be free,” she said.

“There has been reports from attendees saying that they have never attended a women’s conference such as this where the presence of the Lord was so evident and the atmosphere so charged. Many that were bound by the spirit of perversion received their deliverance; many said that the entire Bahamas should have been in attendance because an event as this is needed for this time that we are living in. Many individuals reported experiencing the uncommon favour of God after the first night of the conference because one of the prophetic messages was, “God is getting ready to rain on every dry area in your life’.”

Ms Archer said she is already in the planning stages for “Women at the Well” 2016. “We are looking forward to having women from the United States of America and throughout the Bahamas join us at the well as we impact the present and future generation of women in our society,” she said.

For further information, e-mail freshfireministries2010@gmail.com or call (242) 525-6847.


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