Jesus Is Coming Soon

By Prophet Juvian D Chase

AS we look around, all we can see are the signs of the time, as the prophetic Word of God is being manifested day by day.

The manifestation was never promised to be an easy one, but one of great testing and trouble. As the Bride of Christ we know that we must live a ready life; the book of 1 Thessalonians 4 elaborates quite a bit on how it’s all going to happen on that great notable day.

The return of Christ will be extremely remarkable; all of us who are living a pure life before God are steadily waiting upon Him in faith. God has given us His word to create a peace and readiness in our hearts. The book of Matthew 24 speaks about the judgment that will reign all over the world through wars and other issues that we are facing even in this time that we live now.

In this nation we call home we must not look to the east or the west, but we must look to Christ and Him alone. What we see taking place around us are merely the signs that make us aware that Christ’s return is closer than it has ever been before. If you take a look in the book of 1 Timothy 3, this begins to elaborate on the transformation of people in the last days.

The Bahamas is a country that is lacking the essence of the presence of God. We as a nation must swiftly return to the altar of repentance and holiness, lest we eat the bread of adversity that comes from God.

In the book Isaiah it teaches us that in Israel’s rebellion against the things of God, God had given the bread of adversity and the water of affliction.

We are moving swiftly in the wrong direction toward the table of the Lord’s fury. In the Bahamas, we must cease this selfishness that we are operating in. We are in desperate need of the Balm of Gilead to heal us.

We have pointed fingers toward everyone else, but the process of salvation, healing and restoration starts in oneself. As a country we have sought for answers from outside stimuli that were not sanctioned by God, but the Bible declares that there is a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is only destruction. Repent ye therefore and turn to Christ; this battle in the nation with all the lawlessness and crime is far beyond the carnal and natural realm. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. God is requiring us, everyone of us, we must repent. For the hour is late and even as the Word of God has said, no man knows the day nor the hour we must make ourselves ready. Marvel not, we must be born again. God is faithful and just to forgive us for all of our sins if we repent. Jesus is coming sooner than we think, repent.


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