Police shoot and wound two suspects

POLICE in New Providence shot and wounded two suspects - one armed with a handgun and one with a long army knife - in separate incidents on Friday.

Shortly after 10am, police received a report of a man attacking another man in front of a business establishment on East Street South. When officers arrived, they found a man walking with a long army knife in his hand. The officers ordered him to drop the knife but he refused and began to charge towards them.

The officers, in fear of their lives, fired at the man, hitting him in the leg. He was arrested and transported to hospital, where he is detained in stable condition.

Around 1pm, a man was walking through a track road between John Chipman Street and Toote Shop Corner when he was shot in the back by a man who fled on foot. A police officer walking in the area saw the suspect running towards him with a handgun and ordered him to drop his weapon. However, the suspect refused to drop his weapon and pointed it at the officer. In fear of his life and for the safety of residents in the immediate area, the officer fired at the suspect, shooting him in the leg. The suspect dropped his weapon and ran and after a short chase was caught. Police recovered a .45 pistol from the scene. The suspect is detained in hospital in stable condition under heavy police guard. The other man shot is detained in serious condition.

Police reported they have also seized two more firearms from criminals in New Providence.

Shortly after 2pm on Thursday, a police officer from the Police Tourism Unit was on foot patrol on Woods Rodgers Wharf when he attempted to stop a Honda vehicle occupied by two suspicious males.

When the men refused to stop the officer gave chase and was able to bring the vehicle to a halt nearby. The passenger exited the vehicle and fled on foot but he was caught after a short chase. A search of the male resulted in a handgun containing seven live rounds of ammunition being found in his possession. With the assistance of other officers, the suspects were taken into custody for questioning.

Shortly before 10am on Friday, officers from the Mobile Division were on patrol in the area of the Mall at Marathon, where they observed a suspicious male riding on a bicycle. The officers found a handgun in his possession and took him into custody for questioning.


ThisIsOurs 7 years, 4 months ago

Both shot in the leg. Good. Let the courts deal with them. And if the courts aren't working, fix it.


pat242 7 years, 4 months ago

Here we go. Someone getting bail to do more garbage. The same old jail and bail cycle.


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