Roberts: No problem with new PLP Munroe challenging government on parental bill

Bradley Roberts

Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts suggested yesterday that he had no issues with attorney Wayne Munroe’s declaration that he would not support the Christie administration’s Parental Responsibility Bill.

Mr Munroe, a former DNA candidate who joined the PLP last week, told The Nassau Guardian that he would challenge the Bill in court if necessary.

“We are not a concentration camp,” Mr Roberts said yesterday in response to questions from The Tribune over whether he took issue with the comments.

“When people join the party they are not suddenly blindfolded to the issues in this country.”

Mr Munroe said that he was of the belief that if the party he was a part of is doing something that makes no sense he would make known whether he opposed.

“Never believe that if the party that I am a member of is doing something that makes no sense, that suddenly I’m going to stand up and say that 1,000 police on Shirley Street and Bay Street makes sense; it doesn’t,” Mr Munroe said at the time.

“Any proposal about holding parents responsible…has challenges. I will be the first one you see in court when you try to do that, because you can’t say that you hold the parents responsible.

“When I was young, if you talked foolishness, your parents went upside your head right in public…so I don’t believe that you will suddenly see a Wayne Munroe who doesn’t sue the government.

“That’s going to happen. The difference is I will send forward my views. If you don’t accept them, you don’t accept them.”

During his televised presentation last month, National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said the government intends to bring a Parental Responsibility Bill that would compel parents with minors to either engage in effective parenting or face criminal prosecution.

However, Dr Nottage has been criticised by Free National Movement leader Dr Hubert Minnis who said the address was “inconsiderate, lacking depth and eons too late”.

Dr Minnis added that he strongly doubted this government would bring the legislation in a timely fashion, or at all.


TruePeople 8 years ago

At least someone in gov't is aware that this bill is total fool


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