The war zone of the colon


IT is the filth in our system that kills us. Unless you clean out your bowels you will never reach vibrant health.

It is hardly ever mentioned that constipation or slow transit time can cause certain problems in our bodies. We live in an age of refined foods, chemical food additives and so many other pollutants that accumulate in the body’s tissues. When metabolic waste is being combined with the accumulation of acids, toxins from foods and stress, the colon becomes a constant war zone for toxic putrefying (the process of decay or rotting in a body) waste matter that effects the entire body.

Christian Limoges, Liquid Nutrition’s naturopath makes this point very clear:

“In my opinion, there is only one real disease, and that disease is autointoxication, the body poisoning itself. So I’m convinced that unless you clean out your bowel you will never reach vibrant health.”

The explanation for this is the fact that our bodies have an average temperature of 98.6 degrees. When the bowels are not working well and waste remains in the hot and humid gastrointestinal tract, fermentation is the result. Consequently, toxic poisons build up and putrefaction starts to set in. If this toxic material stays within the body without having a way out, it quickly begins circulating in the body. As Mr Limoges states, “Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. If the bowel is dirty, then the blood is dirty and so will be the organs and tissues.”

Unfortunately, most medical doctors look to treat the symptoms, not the cause, associated with the fermentation and the toxins that seep into the bloodstream. The cause is autointoxication because of poor diet and improper bowel elimination.

Christian reminds us: “Your pain, misery and illness result from your own dietary mistakes and drugs. You are suffering because you are filled with toxic wastes caused by your diet of poorly selected foods filled with artificial flavourings, preservatives, synthetics, over-processed ingredients, too much stimulating food and too few natural vitamins from vegetables and fruit. These toxic wastes upset the normal chemistry of your digestion. So, highly poisonous materials and toxins, which have stagnated in your blood, impair the filters and eliminative organs, chief of which are the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin” (Your Food is Your Medicine).

Here are the most common indications that your eliminative system needs some support:

• Anxiety and depression • Indigestion • Often sick • Bad breath • Headaches • Mood swings • Lack of energy • Flatulence • Lack of focus • Joint pain • Obesity • Skin problems

In order to facilitate the removal of toxic waste matter from your body we must start with the colon. Here are three first steps to starting the process:

  1. Eat primarily vegetables and fruits – focus on plant-based, whole foods. If it can be picked or pulled from the ground, then it is a whole food.

  2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. If you weigh 100lbs, you need 50 ounces of water (more if you exercise).

  3. Give yourself what’s called the 12-hour window for proper digestion and elimination to occur. If your last meal is at 9pm then you can eat again at 9am; eight hours to digest and four hours to eliminate. You can drink herbal teas and water during this time.

Be well and remember just do one thing better each day!

Contact me if you want to more in depth coaching on detoxing and cleansing.

• All health content in this article is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. Christine Carey is a certified holistic health coach (www.christine-carey.com), operating partner at Liquid Nutrition (www.liquidnutrition.com) and director of Corporate Wellness at 242 Consulting (www.242consulting.com). With over ten years of coaching experience, Ms Carey works with individuals and groups to assess and define their health and lifestyle goals with a strong focus on increasing knowledge and implementing tools for success.


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