General Post Office back to normal today after closure

OFFICIALS expect the General Post Office to resume normal operating hours today after challenges with air-conditioning and plumbing forced closures over the past four days.

A statement released by Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna Martin said the government is exploring the feasibility of relocating the General Post Office due to “ongoing difficulties” with the present building on East Hill Street.

“It is hoped that this line of enquiry will bring an end to what has hereto before been a lengthy process, due to the peculiar requirements of the General Post Office,” Mrs Hanna Martin said. “The post office staff are currently working on reduced hours on a voluntary basis, due to a malfunctioning air condition system, and the Ministry of Transport and Aviation is highly appreciative of their committed efforts, having regard to the essential nature of postal services.

“Additionally, the Ministry of Works and Urban Development has been working around the clock to address the current air condition malfunction, and my ministry is informed that this issue has now been resolved, permitting services to resume (on) Thursday.

“The Ministry of Transport and Aviation is hopeful that within a reasonable period of time, the recurring issues in the General Post Office building will be resolved, and that the post office operations will resume a state of normalcy.”

Lorraine Armbrister, permanent secretary within the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, yesterday confirmed that the ageing building was closed last Friday for repairs; however, problems persisted this week.

Yesterday, Bahamas Public Service Union John Pinder said he advised workers not to return to the post office until conditions had improved.

While the government has indicated its preference to keep the main office within the downtown area, Mr Pinder said the union has suggested that officials consider relocating to the Town Centre Mall on Baillou Hill Road.


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