Bpl Confident It Will Meet Summer Demand


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Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) yesterday expressed confidence it will meet peak summer demand, while acknowledging that it has been tackling challenges at its Clifton Pier Power Station.

In a statement sent to Tribune Business yesterday, BPL acknowledged that there have been periods of supply interruption to some customers, some of which it said was due to challenges at the Clifton Pier Power Station.

The statement came following Tribune Business inquiries over concerns raised earlier this week by Clinton Minnis, president of the Bahamas Electrical Utility Managerial Union (BEUMU).

Mr Minnis, in an interview with Tribune Business, warned that New Providence residents and businesses were facing a long, hot summer unless “challenges” at BPL’s main Clifton Pier power plant were rapidly addressed.

In its statement yesterday, BPL said: “BPL notes that there have been periods of supply interruption to some customers, and acknowledges that some of it is due to challenges at the company’s Clifton Pier Power Station.

“It is important to note that these challenges have resulted in mostly minor outages and have not impacted the majority of customers in New Providence.”

Nonetheless, BPL said it was working to correct each challenge as it arises.

The company added: “With regard to the summer months, BPL is carrying out regular maintenance work on its units at both Blue Hills and Clifton Pier power stations to ensure the company’s ability to meet summer demand.

“For example, one of the major generator units at Clifton Pier was returned to service this week, and another unit, at the Blue Hills power station, is presently out for planned maintenance.

“Ensuring that necessary repairs are complete and carrying out general maintenance will improve system reliability into the summer. It is envisioned that these measures, coupled with the extension of the rental contract for the Aggreko rental units, will allow BPL to meet peak summer demand.”

On February 9, PowerSecure signed a five-year management services agreement with the Government to run BPL, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC’s) newly-created operating subsidiary.

Then, on February 25, PowerSecure announced that the Atlanta-based utility giant, Southern Company, would acquire it for $431 million. PowerSecure will now become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company.


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