Bulgarian Man Accused Of Money Laundering Given Time To Contact Sole Witness



Tribune Staff Reporter


A BULGARIAN standing trial in the Supreme Court charged with money laundering was given additional time to make contact with his sole defence witness.

Kostadin Karchav, 39, had elected to remain silent when called on to give a defence before Justice Bernard Turner for three counts of money laundering.

It is alleged that he purchased a car and an iPhone 6 with the proceeds of crime in 2015.

His lawyer, Stanley Rolle, had informed the court that Karchav would have former attorney Roger Gomez II appear as a witness.

However, Gomez II was unable to be contacted according to Mr Rolle, who insisted that the witness is important for his client’s defence.

Justice Turner said he would adjourn the trial to Monday, April 11, and noted that the case would have to continue if Mr Gomez II did not appear.

Ambrose Armbrister is prosecuting the case.

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