Judge Doubts Lawyer’S Reason For No-Show In Deputy Pm Robbery Case


Tribune Staff Reporter


A JUDGE admitted her scepticism of the explanation given by a lawyer as to why he could not appear for a status hearing yesterday concerning his clients who stand trial next month charged with the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ home.

Justice Vera Watkins scheduled a status hearing for Jeffrey King, Tyrone Knowles, both 25, and 21-year-old Marc McCartney to have their lawyer, Geoffrey Farquharson address the court on any outstanding issues the defence might have in the case.

Mr Farquharson was noticeably absent from the proceedings and the three accused men, when asked by the court, said they had received no communication from their lawyer.

“Mr Farquharson contacted the court clerk that he is off the island and was trying to catch a flight back to New Providence,” the judge said.

“However, this court made contact with Justice Gregory Hilton’s court which confirmed that Mr Farquharson was before Justice Hilton this morning. He appeared in the case of Christopher Butler. Mr Farquharson is nonetheless saying he’s off the island and is asking the court for an adjournment. I just want the record to reflect that I don’t believe he is off the island. I believe he is on the island, but for whatever reason, does not want to appear,” Justice Watkins added.

The prosecutor suggested that given the information revealed by the court, it would be best to adjourn to Monday, April 11.

On the matter of non-appearances, Justice Watkins questioned King of his constant absence for nearly all adjourned dates concerning his matter, including his requested application for a bail variation.

King explained that he suffers from seizures and memory loss since being shot last year. He claimed that he had to postpone a follow-up appointment to appear in court for the status hearing and that another visit was due on the morning of the proposed adjourned date.

Justice Watkins told King to go to the appointment scheduled for 9am and given that his condition was not life threatening from all appearances, he ought to appear for the status hearing at 1pm.

All three accused men deny involvement in the robbery at Mr Davis’ home in 2013.

They are accused of robbing Mr Davis of jewellery worth $93,000, a jewellery box worth $200, Baraka gold jewellery worth $700, an opal top wallet worth $450, a Royal Bank of Canada credit card and a driver’s license worth $15.

The three are further accused of robbing Mr Davis’ wife, Ann Marie Davis, of $2,953, and Wilberforce Seymour of $10. Mr Davis was acting prime minister at the time of the incident as Prime Minister Perry Christie was out of the country.

King and McCartney are on bail while Knowles is on remand at the Department of Correctional Services.


Sickened 4 years, 4 months ago

Just let them go. After all Perry let the police officer go unpunished after stealing Perry's television from Perry's house while on duty protecting our Perry.

Also, is stealing from a thief really stealing?


realfreethinker 4 years, 4 months ago

I would call it income redistribution


MonkeeDoo 4 years, 4 months ago

Sickened: The old Bahamians used to say "when tief, tief from tief, Gawd Laugh !! I agree let them go. Let Bobo and Toggie go too. But for God sake lock up Jerome Fitzgerald. Charge him with receiving stolen property if nothing else. Until you get the FULL picture. Then lock him up for a long, long, time !


sheeprunner12 4 years, 4 months ago

How much did Brave pay Farquhie to no-show???????


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