Suspect Charged Over Triple Shooting That Killed Man


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 31-year-old man was remanded to prison yesterday after he was charged in connection with a recent triple shooting that claimed a man’s life and put two women in hospital.

Gary Thurston of Ridgeland Park West appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt facing four criminal charges concerning the April 7 shooting incident: murder, two counts of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

It is alleged that Thurston intentionally caused the death of Sekeno Collie and attempted to kill Stephanie Kemp and Conceta Lawrence.

He is further accused of having a 12 gauge Mossberg Maverick shotgun without being a licensed holder.

Shortly after 7pm on the day in question, police responded to the scene of a shooting on Charleston Street where they discovered the lifeless body of a man in a Nissan vehicle. Two women, including an elderly lady, were also found with gun shot wounds.

The women were taken to hospital for treatment while Collie was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thurston’s murder charge came under Section 291 (1)(B) of the Penal Code.

A charge under this section does not attract the discretionary death penalty if a conviction is reached at the end of trial.

He was not allowed to enter a plea to the charges due to their nature.

The case is to be forwarded to the Supreme Court through the presentation of a voluntary bill of indictment on June 1.

Thurston was remanded to the Department of Correctional Services, but he has the right to apply for bail at the Supreme Court.

No lawyer was present for his arraignment.

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