Voters registered for 2012 election already eligible for referendum


Tribune Staff Reporter


ALL Bahamians who registered to vote for the 2012 general election are eligible to participate in the upcoming gender equality vote, which is expected to take place in about six weeks, according to Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlin Hall yesterday.

These people need not re-register but should bring a passport or voter’s card on June 7, referendum day.

However, those who are newly eligible to vote because they turned 18 following the last general election are urged to register by May 25, as this is when the referendum register will close, Mr Hall said.

In the meantime, he said, the process of selecting returning officers for the 38 constituencies throughout the country is now underway. They will select the presiding officers for the more than 500 polling divisions in the country, Mr Hall said.

When asked about the government’s budget for this event, Mr Hall said he could not say just yet, but that it would be announced at a later date.

There are 178,500 voters currently on the register. However, the parliamentary commissioner said this number is expected to fluctuate as officials remove people who have died since 2012.

Prime Minister Perry Christie, earlier this month, declared that the time had come for men and women in the country to enjoy the same rights in the Constitution.

Mr Christie at the time stressed that the referendum did not propose radical change, pushing back against what he called “false rumours or incorrect information.”

He stressed that the controversial fourth constitutional amendment would not lead to same-sex marriage. The proposed change seeks to update Article 26 of the Constitution to outlaw discrimination based on sex. He also pointed out that because the upcoming vote is a constitutional referendum, the people’s choice was final.

The House of Assembly and Senate passed all four bills last month.

Bill one as written would give Bahamian women who are married to foreign men the right to pass on their Bahamian citizenship to any child of that union no matter where that child is born.

The Constitution currently says that only Bahamian male citizens by birth have that right.

Bill two as written would allow a Bahamian woman married to a foreign man the right to secure for her husband the same access to Bahamian citizenship as a Bahamian male has in relation to his foreign wife.

Bill three would grant any unmarried Bahamian man the right to pass on his Bahamian citizenship to any child he fathers with a foreign woman with proof of paternity.


Well_mudda_take_sic 7 years, 1 month ago

These proposed amendments to our constitution are much more about granting legal immigration status to thousands and thousands of foreigners rather than equal rights for men and women. The corrupt Christie-led PLP government has failed to deliver on its promise of jobs and many unemployed or under employed Bahamians would never be able to get decent paying jobs as a result of the great influx of foreigners that would occur if these amendments were made to our constitution. Our economy is simply too anemic to absorb legalizing the status of thousands and thousands of foreigners. Already there are just way too many Bahamians without decent paying jobs necessary to feed, clothe, educate and afford medical care for their children and other family members. I know I will be voting a resounding "NO!"


sheeprunner12 7 years, 1 month ago

If 50% + 1 of the eligible voters on the Official Voters' List do not vote ........ can a government in all good conscience justify that the Referendum is valid???? .... e.g. if 50,000 persons vote for this Referendum and 30,000 vote "Yes" but the vast majority of the eligible voters abstained, should the government treat that as a victory for democracy??????

............ Is this the argument that the Government used for not honouring the numbers referendum/opinion poll????????


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