Police Sued For $3m For ‘Assault’ At Traffic Stop


Tribune Staff Reporter


TRIBUNE columnist and attorney Adrian Gibson yesterday launched a $3m law suit against the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police and two police officers who allegedly assaulted him after stopping him for a supposed traffic violation on Sunday night.

The officers Mr Gibson accuses of assaulting him are Constables Dominic Simms and Kevardo Smith.

According to a writ filed in the Supreme Court yesterday by Callenders & Co on his behalf, Mr Gibson is seeking to have the officers found guilty of assault, battery, false imprisonment, misfeasance in public office and malicious and arbitrary abuse of their offices.

It is alleged that they breached his constitutional and fundamental rights and freedoms.

“The plaintiff’s claims arise from his false arrest, unlawful detainment, continual verbal and physical assaults and batteries, unlawful searches of his person and his vehicle, damage to property, sometime around 10.30pm on Sunday at the corner of Farrington Road and Gregory Street, which is situated immediately opposite the Silver Dollar Bar,” the writ says.

Mr Gibson alleges that while driving he was stopped and forcibly detained in an open place “without reasonable grounds and/or probable cause”.

He claims that he was also impeded in his freedom to move without proper cause and was subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment by the two officers, which included damaging a cell phone screen, damaging two bright star LED window silhouettes, verbal abuse and indecent utterances, “humiliation and distress given his public and professional profile and fear and anxiety of groundless charges and/or prosecution”.

The writ demanded that the defendants appear before court in connection with the suit within 14 days.

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