Fnm Denies Eviction Reports On Social Media


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE FREE National Movement (FNM) has denied social media reports that the organisation has been evicted from its headquarters.

The party's Secretary General Michael Foulkes said on Friday that the party owned the building on Mackey Street, and as such, could not be evicted.

The rumours alleged that "the real owner" of the building demanded that the organisation vacate the premises unless the party rescinded its request for the seven parliamentarians - who expressed "no confidence" in Dr Hubert Minnis this week, and sought his removal as leader of the Official Opposition - resign from the party.

It was unclear what prompted the rumour but it comes at a sensitive time for the party after Dr Minnis became the first person to be removed as leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly following the vote of no confidence by seven of his colleagues.

In a statement, Mr Foulkes said: “The Free National Movement is the absolute beneficial owner of its National Headquarters building on Mackey Street and has not received any claim from any person or entity regarding the building. Further, no person or entity has purported to serve any eviction notice or any other notice, on the Free National Movement relevant to our National Headquarters or otherwise. 

"The rumours that have been circulated surrounding the ownership of the FNM National Headquarters are just that, totally false, baseless and unfounded rumors and the effort of mischief makers," he said.

"An untrue story circulating on social media is just an example of that new phenomenon of 'Fake News' which plagued the recent American presidential election.”

He added: "The FNM will not allow rumours to affect our continued fight to bring much needed change for our people and accountability and transparency to the Government of the Bahamas.”


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