The Duke In The Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune.

RECENTLY, I finished reading Sir Orville Turnquest’s What Manner of Man Is This? The Duke of Windsor’s Years In The Bahamas (1). An inspiring book and superb view of Bahamian history as only a man of Sir Orville Turnquest’s distinguished, esteemed pilgrimage through The Bahamas enrichment could pen.

I would be remiss in my past and future responsibilities if I did not suggest it be required reading for every Ambassador or High Commissioner privileged to serve their country in your gorgeous, idyllic setting.

As Sir Orville notes, not all US laws have had a positive impact on enterprises in The Bahamas.

But most importantly, the friendship between our countries, our citizens, and our mutual desire for democracy and equality for all has existed since our countries have existed.

It should continue, all citizens of each country must do their utmost to insure this relationship continues in a manner beneficial to all.

President-Elect Trump will most assuredly treat The Bahamas with respect and no one need fear he will in any way perniciously construct policies which will bring detriment to the wonderful people of The Bahamas.

I will do everything within my jurisdiction to see this treasure given to us by Sir Orville is provided to employees of the United States Department of State and any Bahamian who is unable to obtain a copy of this wonderful book has one made available. It is an investment which will provide benefits to The Bahamas and the United States for centuries.

To my wonderful friend of almost twenty years, Sir Orville A Turnquest, may God’s wonderful blessings continue to be bestowed upon you. Mrs Turnquest would be very proud.

Thank you so much for taking time from your wonderful life to share with all us a tiny bit of your genius.





December 12, 2016.


birdiestrachan 2 years, 1 month ago

Ambassador Blankenship is a Republican, perhaps that is why he says what he does about Mr. Trump. But Mr: Trump is not constant, one never knows from day to day what he will say, and he seems to pick on small people like the Union Leader and actors.

But I am happy he enjoyed Mr: Turnquest"s book a son of Grants town. Over the hill you know.;


AmbMaverick 2 years ago

I am sorry you have not reviewed party affiliations which are available because of the Florida Public Records Act, but I have been for sometime a registered Independent. Furthermore for the public record the Unions and individual actors and the Screen Actor's Guild were the largest donors to Secretary Clinton's campaign. There is a constant to President-Elect Trump's policies and those are to make "America Great Again". All Bahamians should support this policy since U.S. citizens do represent the majority the largest contributor to the Bahamian economy thru its tourism. It's very simple the more America makes the more the Bahamas makes Sir Orville is a son of Grants Town but also should be viewed as a spokesperson for the world representating all who would speak up against what the Duke represented during his tenure in the Bahamas. It focused a beam of refreshing sunshine on the behavior of a man who abdicated his duties both at home and in the Bahamas and whose wife sought fame and fortune more so than a responsibility to serve people. Ambassador J. Richard Blankenship


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