Us Man Bailed After Fight On Pi


Tribune Staff Reporter


AN AMERICAN tourist was granted $1,000 cash bail yesterday after he was charged in connection with a physical altercation with another tourist that occurred on Paradise Island during the Boxing Day holiday.

David Kermerko, 42, of Blumfield, Michigan, appeared before Magistrate Constance Delancy facing a single charge of causing harm stemming from an incident on Monday, December 26.

It is alleged that he, while in the area of Royal Towers in the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, did intentionally and unlawfully cause harm to Seth Adams.

The charge was filed under Section 135(1) of the Penal Code, Chapter 84.

“Do you understand the charge, sir?” the magistrate asked.

“Yes I do,” the accused said.

The judge asked: “And how do you plead, guilty or not guilty?”

“I plead not guilty,” the American answered.

Magistrate Delancy asked the police prosecutor if he had any objections to Kermerko being granted bail.

The police prosecutor said he had none as the accused was on police bail prior to the arraignment.

However, he asked that the bail be a cash bond if the court was minded to consider it.

Magistrate Delancy granted bail in the amount of $1,000 cash and ordered the American to return to court for his trial on March 3, 2017.

“Sir, I am warning you to not have any interaction with the virtual complainant,” the magistrate added.

“I understand,” the accused answered.

Kermerko has retained attorney Terrel Butler to represent him against the allegation, which could see him face up to six months in prison if convicted.

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