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EDITOR, The Tribune.

“Disappointed” at The Bahamas’ creditworthiness downgrade to junk status? Is the current government serious, when this fall from grace was foretold by the international agencies who make these decisions?

Wasn’t there the pattern for financial disgrace evident in all the bad financial decisions manifested in this government’s behaviour from the beginning of its non-consecutive second term? Isn’t it a well-known fact that if you outspend your income, you will come to disgrace?

Shouldn’t we be asking why the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is doing everything in its power to sideline Alfred Sears from the leadership of their party, when he has obviously been endowed with more thinking ability than more than half of the current slate of government MPs and Cabinet leaders?

What is it about Dr Hubert Minnis that has the “Free FNM”, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and several opinion column writers actually joining the PLP campaign against him? Should they be abandoning the urgent holding of the PLP to account, rather than assaulting the public ears with stories of his lack of leadership qualities, and then move on to blaming him for all of the PLP’s execrable record of governance that will surely make the record books?

As concerns leadership capabilities, shouldn’t the Progressive Liberal Party be busy cleaning the dross from its own house before pointing out the neighbour’s failings in housekeeping? 

Despite our despair at the mess they have made of this country, don’t we just have a grudging admiration for the PLP’s Machiavellian ability to employ expensive PR, smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand and various other Houdini tricks in deflecting public attention from their mismanagement and internal fighting?

Will DNA leader Branville McCartney’s truth stand up and be recognised by Bahamians who are seriously longing for a government that is not vying for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Comedy, and Best Picture also in the Comedy genre?

Wasn’t it a week after McCartney declared that he had no interest in the FNM’s troubled affairs, that he was calling for the resignation of Dr Hubert Minnis as Leader of the FNM? Isn’t this a marked detour from what a serious third party should be doing ie calling the PLP government to account for wild spending, the promotion of corruption, the denial of basic rights to a large segment of the population, cronyism in the award of government contracts and benefits and many, many unexplained losses of funds across a swathe of government agencies and public companies, eg Bank of Bahamas and, last but not least, the slide to unbankable financial disrepute in international investment circles?

Why have the so-called “splinter” groups that were doing so well in keeping the people’s causes to the forefront turned into political parties promising to field candidates in the upcoming general election?

Have they become infected with the cancer that is the outsize Bahamian ego and constant itch for elevation above all other Bahamians?

Will Dr Andre Rollins kindly explain why his loyalty is a moveable feast? Could it be that his allegiance is to self rather than to the people of The Bahamas? Could it be that his new best friends are pretty much in the same boat?

Should not Christians strive to find out if there is a new brand of redemption that has the formerly bitter, face-slapping enemies like Loretta Butler-Turner and Dr Andre Rollins now locking in embrace every chance they get? Should we not be concerned that political expediency will soon outrun the gospel?

Are we to take the new Butler-Turner/McCartney love affair seriously, when two giant bodies moving into the same space are likely to collide in mutual destruction?

Of prime and urgent importance—Why has vying for a seat in Parliament or the control of the Bahamian government become more important than the well-being of the Bahamian people?

The biggest questions are the following:

Can’t any of these power-drunk men and women see the growing suffering here in the capital, in Grand Bahama and Andros? Joblessness, a seemingly unstoppable rise in murder and other crimes against persons, including domestic abuse of many forms?

Why aren’t all these “concerned citizens” crying out against the government’s determined intent to squander NIB funds and ream the already suffering middle class with more taxes to make us pay for their heedless misses—mismanagement, misappropriation, misalliances and mistakes?

Why, why would a responsible government think it fit to spend $334,000-plus on wrapping trees after a devastating hurricane that has punched a hole not only in the already riddled economy and even bigger holes in the homes and pockets of the people? Can you imagine how much sheetrock for the repair of flood-damaged walls and how many bundles of shingles that $334,000 could have purchased? I would gladly have foregone this brand of “Christmas cheer” to have a few more hurricane-impacted homes made whole again.

And by the way, what is happening with the newly borrowed $150m in this debt-ridden economy?

Will there be a formal audit of the spending and the revelation of the result of audit to the public, despite the fact that this government has shown a distinct aversion to accounting and accountability?

Why have Bahamian politics become more about public relations, grabbing headlines and false camaraderie in an effort to hornswoggle, dupe, hoodwink and confuse the Bahamian people, than about thoroughly researching longstanding problems and coming up with intelligent plans for remediation and advancement?

Has democratic governance changed so much in the 21st century that it begins to rest on the most fundamental plank of dictatorship; that is, keeping secret vital information about national affairs and disregarding the voice and treading on the rights of the people?

Has statesmanship and love of country and people finally been KO’d and now lies bleeding and breathing its last in the ring of Bahamian politics and governance?

I love my country fiercely and hope with all my heart that Bahamians will start asking questions and learn to distinguish truth from expedient, self-serving lies.

People, go register today if you can. Be sure to turn out to vote on election day 2017, armed with prayer for divine guidance in marking your ballot. What is good in this country should be accessible to all, not just a favoured few. Just know this, this country cannot bear up under five more years of the same.

God bless us everyone!




December 21, 2016.


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