Btc’S 4g Data Is Garbage

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I recently purchased a new smartphone from an electronics store in the Mall, which I needed for the convenience of doing business in this modern age; and already, I’m beginning to regret that decision.

If you’ve been watching ZNS lately,  you probably have seen BTC’s commercials promoting their new, “blazing fast” 4G data that allows you to browse the Web “faster than ever!”

In actuality, the only thing “blazingly fast” about BTC’s ridiculous 4G data streaming is how quickly it runs out when you use it, and how quickly your money runs out when you go to put minutes on your phone so that you can purchase a new data plan.

Speaking of these data plans: They make no sense. A one-day data plan? Internet for one day? Really, BTC? For $2.49 (plus VAT, of course) you get a data plan that allows you to browse the Web for one day. You even get a message that tells you in exact detail the day and time your data plan will expire. There’s just one problem with this: Your data does not expire on the date it is supposed to; it expires the moment you begin to use it. It is the same when you purchase their 10, 20, and $30 data plans (with VAT, of course).

So basically, you’re stuck with data you can’t even use, because as soon as you do, it runs out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t your data expire on the date it’s supposed to expire, not whenever you use it?

There are two types of cellular phones you can purchase in this modern age: the regular, basic cellular phone, which we Bahamians humorously (or rather, derisively) refer to as “bubblas”; and the “smart phone”, which is essentially a handheld computer.

Nobody buys smart phones simply to make calls and send text messages; that’s what the regular “bubbla” phones are for. No, people buy smart phones for the purpose of surfing the Web, watching videos, snapping, downloading and sharing photos, and using features called “Apps” - short for “Applications” - such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and

WhatsApp. To use your smartphone for these purposes, you need the Internet, obviously.

There are two common ways you can utilise the Internet on your smartphone: With a data plan, or with WiFi. My advice? Go with the latter choice. Getting WiFi installed in your home may cost you a pretty penny, but at least you’ll have the luxury of using your mobile device to its full potential, and finally get the “blazingly fast” Internet you wanted without constantly having to spend wads of cash on BTC’s silly data plan(s) that is, really, nothing more than a money making scheme for them.



February 3, 2016.


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