Gone fishin’

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Bahamian people have misinterpreted the generosity of the Chinese munitions factories, and all one hears today is “what is the defence force going to do with all of those grenades” ?

Well, lemme me tell you now. While they (defence force ) are out there waiting for a Hyshun sloop to come by, all they see is Passin’ Jack and Goggle Eyes swimming by, but they ain’t gots no fishnin’ line to catch em wid. So they going chuck a couple of these Chinese grenades into the school, and BOOM ka Boom, the seagulls all gone, and the fish them would be floatin’.

Now the Chinese ain’t send no net, but our boys could swim, so that’s how they goin’ get these fish dem. When they reach town they goin’ take em to the Golden Dragon on Market Street to make sweet and sour goggle eye and jack for Good Friday.

Ain’t nuttin ta dis now!



February 4, 2016.


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