Mule Vs The Horse

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thank you for the opportunity to address the current leader of the FNM who was on ZNS with Darold Miller today (Monday).

During the broadcast, Dr Hubert Minnis made some very alarming remarks that troubled me as an FNM, and how he may truly feel about his cadre of candidates that he has announced thus far.

During the radio show, Dr Minnis mentioned that in the upcoming general election, the FNM would win every seat, with the DNA, the PLP, and the NDP garnering no seats in the House of Assembly.

When Darold Miller pointed out that such a feat was impossible, Dr Minnis said that he had to go behind every seat and express confidence even in the possibility of defeating Prime Minister Christie in Farm Road and Centreville.

To illustrate this point, Dr Minnis questioned how would HIS candidates feel knowing that he had given up on them before they even “came out of the blocks”.

My issue, dear editor, comes next when Dr Minnis then likened HIS candidates to mules.

He said, “If a mule is running against a horse, that mule must be convinced that he can win. And you must give him the opportunity to win, and give him the tools to win. So each of MY candidates will be given the tool and opportunity to win.”

I do not believe that these remarks are a slip of the tongue. Dr Minnis clearly sees all of his candidates as mules, with him being the King amongst asses.

Dr Minnis, calling your candidates asses, is not a good way to galvanise support, or build consensus for what is clearly a party tittering on the edge. We can’t start an election season with our first image being that of jackasses.

But thanks to you, that is exactly what we will see.

Many of us are starting to realise that you simply can’t stop making these asinine remarks. It is becoming clearer with each passing day that you, sir, do not have what it takes. And yes, like Nikki Kelly said today, you do not have charisma (despite what your dictionary might say).

A FORMER FNM Killarney voter (yes, a real one)


February 8, 2016.


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