Pac Asleep At The Wheel

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Why is the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee fast asleep at the wheel?

He should be down the throat of Government over the suspected tax avoidance or owing of Phil Ruffin a long time ago for tax on his operating a Casino... it surely should not have required the Auditor General to make it public everyone knew Ruffin left owing millions.

The Gaming Board, inter alia Government, has brought a petition against Baha Mar for a similar indebtedness so there should be no problem in instructing their counsel on the Baha Mar case, Wayne Munroe, QC, to bring a suit against Mr Ruffin and if Mr Ruffin has no assets in The Bahamas do the same in Nevada.

There is no favours – if this money is owed it should be paid in full, and utility bills better be checked out to make certain they were also paid as well as NIB.



February 16, 2016.


themessenger 4 years, 3 months ago

Don't hold your breath Mr. Pinder, Chipman & Co just spent more than a year "investigating" the Urban Renewal slush fund and now refuses to tell the public their findings."I'll table it in the House next month." SERIOUSLY? Talk about pot calling kettle black, these people ain no better than the damned PLP. Hand come, hand go, all fa me baby whetha they red or yellow, dis country in some deep deep shaving' cream


SP 4 years, 3 months ago

Six of one and half dozen of the other, PLP and FNM are equally responsible for "LEADING" our country into this cesspool where only their friends, family and lovers prosper and the rest they give to Haitians, Latinos, and Asians while Bahamians suffer.

There has to be special place in deepest, darkest hell for these hog's that destroyed their own people and country for money.

GOD speed them on their way!


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