Meet The First Babies Of 2016


Korryn Olivia Sands with her mother, Allison Cook Sands, and father, Damian Sands.

THE holiday season tends to come with a lot of gifts, but what better than the gift of a precious life?


Liam Clarke, the first boy to be born at Doctors Hospital in 2016, with his parents, Runique and Leonardo Clarke.

On January 2, Doctors Hospital welcomed baby girl Korynn Olivia Sands to the world. Her mother Allison Cook Sands and father Damian Sands were over the moon to welcome their fourth child and first baby girl.

“Oh, this is my fourth time here and we love it. The nurses here are so great and they take really good care of us. I was the only one on the ward at the time, so it was nice and quiet,” Mrs Sands said.

The birth of their first daughter was already special, but the fact that she was honoured as the first baby of the year made it even more spectacular.

“The funny thing is that Korryn was born on my birthday. Besides that, I was also the first baby of the year in the hospital where I was born back then, so that’s really neat,” she added.

A few days later, on January 5, the Doctors Hospital team had the honour of welcoming baby Liam Clarke as the first boy to be born on the Doctors Hospital Maternity Ward in 2016. Mother Runique Clarke and father Leonardo Clarke were extremely excited to welcome the first addition to their family; a precious baby boy.

“Our experience here was so great,” said Mrs Clarke.

There were three other mothers scheduled to have their baby on the same day, but baby Liam won the race.

Each year, Doctors Hospital partners with Lowe’s Wholesale Agency Ltd to give something special to the first baby boy and baby girl of the year. This year was no different.

“It is always a pleasure to partner with Doctors Hospital to provide some special treatment for the moms and their new babies,” said Allison Levarity, RNRM, health educator for Johnson & Johnson at Lowe’s Wholesale Agency Ltd.

The baskets given to the parents of baby Korryn and baby Liam are courtesy of Doctors Hospital and Lowe’s Wholesale and were full of gentle shampoos, soaps and lotions especially made to take care of baby’s skin.


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