Stand United Or Fall Divided

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We, as a country, have become divided between those who have and those who have not. We have become divided by crime, by loss. Divided by terror and those who terrorise and now we have become divided by ideals.

The Free National Movement, who many arguably look toward to bring change in the next election, appears to be at its most divided.

For Mr Pintard to publicly state what a convention would look like, should the FNM Central Council choose a non-voting convention, arguably implies that this is their very intention. It implies that their minds are already made up. Why else would you say such a thing?

There have been outcries and rightly so. Why would a non-voting convention even be considered? You have got to be kidding!

In case we have forgotten, we are supposed to be living in a democracy. Or have things gotten so bad that we really have forgotten this?

If the FNM Central Council choose a non-voting convention they have shot themselves in both feet. How can a select group, chosen by so few people, represent all the views of a party? In fact how do you represent any views of a party, besides one? And if you are only representing one person’s view, how can you represent the views of the people? The people that the FNM want to represent.

We are supposed to be a democratic country with the governing party elected into power by the people of our country. Tell me, why should the leaders of a political party be any different?

It begs the question; if a party decides to take the voting opportunity away from a convention, what does it say about where that party is heading? What does it say about the type of government they would make? What does it say about how they will choose to run the country if elected to power? Would we see similar situations to the time when the gambling referendum took place? The country voted no, yet the government went ahead anyway.

When making their decision, the FNM Central Council needs to remember what party they belong to. The Free National Movement. They are going against the very name of the party they have sworn allegiance to if they take away that choice.

Just because some people are unhappy with the present government does not mean that this is a slam dunk for the FNM. They must not forget that. They still need to work hard and show the voting public that they are worthy enough of our votes. “Voting red because we are tired of yellow” is not a strategy.

Minnis and Central Council: If you are afraid of putting it to a vote, you shouldn’t be in the job. By removing choice, you are no better than the same party you seek to beat. We need politicians whose first concern is for our country, and not their ego.

Central Council, put your pride or whatever it is aside and let the convention vote. Show the country that you have our best interest in mind, and not your own. Because we need a party in power that is better than this. How are you any different to the same people you seek to remove?

We as Bahamians need to stand together and demand more of the people that we elect to represent our interests. We can be so much better than this and we should be.



January 26, 2016


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