Really, Mr Watson?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

How did your reporter draw the conclusion that Frank Watson’s comments were surprising or candid?

Mr Watson is well aware that Dr Minnis requested an early one-day convention to settle the question of leadership once and for all as a result of the Loretta Butler Turner movement.

Dr Minnis has been twice elected as FNM leader, on the last occasion beating Loretta Butler-Turner three to one.

Rather than respecting the results with grace and focusing on getting rid of the PLP, a group within has waged a faceless, vicious and relentless campaign against Dr Minnis at the expense of the country.

It is the FNM’s job to determine when the next election of officers will be held in accordance with the party’s Constitution and not the dissidents.

What is surprising is that after Dr Minnis was elected, Mr Watson went on public record (unprecedented) to give him a time-frame in which to prove himself, the effect of which was to sow the seeds of discord from the beginning.

The only other surprising thing I see is that some sectors of the public and the media, particularly The Nassau Guardian, are so gullible they can’t see what even the blind ought to be able to see.



January 27, 2016.


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