Bun In The Oven: New Mom Surprises


There are many things that we are taught when having children for the first time. Most of this information comes from family, our doctor, or books that we may have read. But after giving birth, there are a few things that may surprise you about the glorious parenting journey.

Pee and poop are not as gross as you once thought they were. At least that’s what you’ll tell yourself the first few times you get peed-on and pooped-on.

Little boys seem to tinkle every time you’re in the middle of changing their diaper. I think it’s something with the cold air that gets to them. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the blow-out-diaper, Google it.

That baby smell really is intoxicating. I know you were probably familiar with the “baby” smell before you had the baby, but when it’s your baby, it’s even better. It’s as if you can smell that your baby belongs to you. There is something very familiar and instinctual about the baby smell. I really have no doubt that a mother could pick out her baby from their smell.

If you decide to breastfeed, you may be surprised to know that just thinking about your baby, even when you are not with your baby, can cause you to leak. You’ll want to make sure that you prepare for this by investing in nursing pads. This can also happen if you hear a baby cry in public.

Post-natal hair shedding does happen, and it sucks! This can happen a few weeks or a several months after giving birth. It happens because of hormonal reasons. Sometimes women who breastfeed shed their hair much later after giving birth.

Sneezing and hiccups are normal. In the first few weeks after birth your newborn may sneeze and hiccup a lot. The sneezing is something they do to clear their nasal passages; they’re still getting used to their environment. Hiccups can actually be felt in utero, and babies will continue to hiccup after birth as well.

Love and hugs!

• Bianca Carter is a certified lactation counsellor and founder of Bun in the Oven.

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