Butler-Turner Is Worried By Turnout

Loretta Butler-Turner

Loretta Butler-Turner


Tribune Staff Reporter


LONG Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner said the low voter turnout for gender equality referendum’s advance poll was a “clear and frightening” indication that the majority of the Bahamian electorate is either “confused or disengaged” because of the many “different stories” associated with the vote.

In an interview with The Tribune, Mrs Butler-Turner said she believes the opinions from civic, political and religious leaders have turned people off from voting. She is encouraging all Bahamians to exercise their right to vote even if they plan on voting “no”.

“I noted the low voter turnout and I believe it is because of the inaccurate information that has been given out by religious leaders, political leaders and civic leaders,” Mrs Butler-Turner said.

“All the different stories have not helped the process. I cannot knock anyone for their beliefs if they are speaking facts. But when people spread misinformation about what the referendum is truly about, that is what bothers me. If someone has the facts and makes a recommendation I cannot take an issue with that.

“These people must be honest and fair with the public because people are looking for direction. As far as I understand, this referendum is in the best interest of the country. It will allow our nation to develop and allow our citizens to be equal and so having said that I would admonish leaders and people who are being looked up to, to speak the truth.

“If this continues to happen, the end result of the referendum will not be a reflection of the majority of Bahamians, 43 per cent is very low. “Bahamians generally always participated in elections about 80 per cent, so that low percentage is frightening.”

Mrs Butler-Turner said everyone should be a part of the process and she will continue to do her part in “encouraging people” to vote “yes”.

On Monday, Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall said only 43 per cent of the people eligible to vote at the advance poll in New Providence turned up. There was a high voter turnout at the polling station in London and 16 of the 21 eligible voters in Miami voted, he said.

However, he said, the people who were on the register for the advance poll and did not vote will still get a chance to vote during general voting next Tuesday.


hallmark 3 years, 12 months ago

The interesting thing is that they chose a GATE for the no answer. Go figure. But God is still on the throne and HE still answers prayers. They played right into HIS hands. In John 10:7 - Jesus says, "I AM THE GATE!"


Economist 3 years, 12 months ago

LBT you were a minister in the FNM. The FNM did not try to improve our rotten school system. The FNM had 15 years in power to try to start to uplift the people Instead the FNM was happy to have a "D" grade population incapable of thinking for themselves,

And now you worry about them voting on a relatively complex issue for which only 5% or 10% are capable of voting on.

Remember that this same electorate voted the PLP in on promises that any sensible person could see were stupid. Only a fool would believe what was promised and 48% voted for them.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 years, 11 months ago

For the record, I will be voting a resounding "No!" to all four of the bills in tomorrow's referendum. Like most Bahamians I am only intolerant of others who seek to impinge on my rights, my freedoms and my way of life as a Bahamian. This bucket obviously does not include the vast majority of Bahamian men or Bahamian women, but it does include the many thousands of foreigners who are willing to sell their loyalty to the PLP (or FNM for that matter) in exchange for our government (with its hidden agenda) granting them Bahamian citizenship or permanent resident status. And this bucket certainly does include the very loud few in the global LGBT movement who seek to impose their way of life on others under the pretense of the rest of us (the 98+% of us) discriminating against them. The vast majority of Bahamians (both men and women) should not have to give up any of their rights, freedoms and beliefs, nor compromise in any way their way of life, simply because a small few in our society falsely accuse them of being somehow discriminatory. I, along with the other 98+% of Bahamians, have rights too!


licks2 3 years, 11 months ago

This lady will contest to be our leader and don't know that advanced polls are mostly done for POOL WORKERS!

The voters list still has the names of ALL POLL WORKERS. . .former poll-teams consisted of 1 presiding officer with 6 other poll workers! For this referendum is using 1 presiding officer with 3 other poll officers. . .effectively cutting each poll team by half!!!

This cut accounts for about 48 to 49% of previous advance voters who voted ahead of any national election for obvious reasons. . .they had to man the polls while the public voted!!

The new man in charge of the pools should have known that he himself reduced the advanced voters count by almost 45 to 50%!

I hope these people are not trying to "SWING" the people again since they see that this referendum is lost. . .and they will change the people's decision again on a pretense like how they did on the gambling referendum. . .saying that there was not enough voters turn-out to make their decision valid. . .therefore they changed the people's decision in favor of the web shop owners! DON'T MIND WHAT THEY TRY TO TELL YOU. . .THE GOVERNMENT CAN MAKE ALL BILLS LAW AT ANY TIME!


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