‘Mother’ Pratt Gives Support


Cynthia 'Mother' Pratt

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt and former Senator Telator Strachan yesterday both pledged their support for Tuesday’s referendum.

“Today in The Bahamas, women shoulder much of the responsibility for the family,” Mrs Pratt, who served in the first Christie administration, said in a statement.

“The majority of households in The Bahamas are headed by women.

“The rights to match this responsibility are long overdue. On the other hand, there are thousands of men in our country who daily give of their best for the provision and protection of their families.

“In my opinion, ensuring that the rights extended in our Constitution apply to men and women equally across the board, does not in any way disrespect the men of our country.”

Mrs Pratt added that she has always supported men adding that when both genders stand together “the family flourishes”.

“These bills will help to buttress and strengthen the foundation of the family in The Bahamas and they will in no way demean our men. For these reasons I support the bills.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Strachan said Bahamians should vote ‘yes’ to all four Constitutional Amendment Bills on gender equality or they could regret being on the wrong side of history.

In a statement, Mrs Strachan, who was among the first group of women voters in 1962, recalled how some women later expressed disappointment that they did not take advantage of that historic vote when they were afforded the opportunity 54 years ago.

She urged first time voters to head to the polls on this historic occasion.

“It’s important that you help to build your country,” she said.

She lamented that it has taken a long time to get to this crucial step, but added that Bahamians should think about “the future of their children and grandchildren”.

Mrs Strachan pointed out that she raised her son and daughters so they could have “the same access to opportunities. That’s what I worked for”.

She said voting “yes” would make the Bahamas a stronger nation with men and women working equally together to build the country for future generations.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 years ago

For the record, I will be voting a resounding "No!" to all four of the bills in tomorrow's referendum. Like most Bahamians I am only intolerant of others who seek to impinge on my rights, my freedoms and my way of life as a Bahamian. This bucket obviously does not include the vast majority of Bahamian men or Bahamian women, but it does include the many thousands of foreigners who are willing to sell their loyalty to the PLP (or FNM for that matter) in exchange for our government (with its hidden agenda) granting them Bahamian citizenship or permanent resident status. And this bucket certainly does include the very loud few in the global LGBT movement who seek to impose their way of life on others under the pretense of the rest of us (the 98+% of us) discriminating against them. The vast majority of Bahamians (both men and women) should not have to give up any of their rights, freedoms and beliefs, nor compromise in any way their way of life, simply because a small few in our society falsely accuse them of being somehow discriminatory. I, along with the other 98+% of Bahamians, have rights too!


Calypso 3 years ago

Your opinion is unwarranted and does nothing to advance discussion on the matter.


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