‘These Are The Last Days’

By Juvian Chase

THE Bible speaks about the peril that we will undergo in the Last Days. You can look in the book of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. This passage of scripture gives us a good insight of what we are to expect in these last and evil days. Dear friends, we must live ready for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Many are saying that this has been announced for centuries; I want you to come to the realisation that the signs are now in place. My word to you is the word that was given to the disciples at the ascension of Christ: why stand ye here gazing (marvelling), Jesus is about to make a grand entrance.

Many people are marvelling as to what they should do if they have time to live a reckless or a lukewarm life, but we cannot waste anymore of the time we have been given to get our hearts right with the saviour. The Word of God speaks to us from the book of Matthew 24:44. We must be ready because when we least expect it the son of man is coming. As I was in my time of prayer and meditation, the spirit of Almighty God began to place a burden upon me for the nation. In prayer, the direction I was headed in immediately shifted. I then began to make intercession for the leadership of the country. Indeed the Lord is angry with sin; God wants all of us to turn to Him in a heart of penitence.

Look around you and what do you see sin is rampart through the land from north to south, east to west. I made a vow to God the father that I will be the voice that will cry out in the wilderness. Certainly no believer needs to watch faces; instead watch the prize. The Holy Ghost told me how destruction is in the land and it is more to do with biblical prophecy being fulfilled than anything else. There is a fight to take out all of the young men, especially those who aren’t saved; the adversary seeks to wipe the male seed out clean. God does not will for any of us to go to hell, but that all come to repentance. The finger of the Lord points in the direction of the Church.

Church leaders, it is time to live clean or be consumed, for the Bible says that judgment begins in the house of God. Many churches will be nonexistent in a matter of time because of the high level of sin, hypocrisy and compromise. For yes the Lord has seen how many have compromised for money and fame. The Lord is certainly displeased with the sexual immorality that is on the pulpit. There are many spirits in full operation in the Church of our time, all but the Spirit of God. Ye men and women called by God, the Lord warns you to do right in His sight. This is the time for us to bring the sinners back to Jesus, let us spread the gospel without limitations, let us show love to the vilest of sinners and still tell them to repent. People need the Lord, but how can we offer Christ what we don’t really have ourselves (1 Peter 4:18). Come on, let us no longer stand in the way of sinners. We must get our houses in order; we must live on the altar making daily sacrifices of ourselves. Do you know that God loves us? Do you know that He cares? Do you know that He is calling us by our names? Indeed, you who are watchmen of this nation, the Lord is rewarding you; those of you who have been praying against the witchcraft that has been seeking entrance into our land.

The Spirit of God told me to tell you prayer warriors everywhere in this Bahamaland that it is indeed because you have prayed that our land is still standing, the effective, fervent prayer of the righteous still availeth much (James 5:16). Perilous times are now upon us and we must seek the Lord while He may be found. Let us all stay ready and prayed up. For God has spoken to me and said pestilence is coming upon us, there will be much bloodshed, the nation’s leadership will experience a drastic shift, the churches around the country will begin to mourn for their leaders, the wrath of God will be demonstrated intensely. Repent, repent, repent.

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