New Programme Encourages Women To Love Themselves

Stanya Davis

Stanya Davis


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It might sound trite, but learning to love yourself is one of the most valuable lessons a woman can master, according to life coach Stanya Davis.

Ms Davis is on a mission to help Bahamian women learn how to let go of past hurts, release their fears, forgive and invite healing.

While all these things cannot be achieved overnight, Ms Davis hopes to point women in the right direction with her new “I Must Love Myself Enough” project.

Designed to help women love themselves and rid themselves of their baggage so that they can move on to healthy relationships, the project encompasses a seven-day online programme which starts on July 1.

On each day for seven days, participants will receive a valuable lesson, accompanied by a healing activity. The lessons and activities will serve as a blueprint and show women how to let go, move beyond fear, love themselves, forgive, and live the life we were intended to live. Participants will also be able to share their stories in a private online forum.

“ ‘I Must Love Myself Enough’ was originally a poem I wrote years ago,” Ms Davis told Tribune Woman. “Writing for me has always been a way for me to express myself and to heal the parts of myself that required healing.”

Ms Davis said the poem served as a reminder to always love herself enough to make the best decisions, because she is a person of worth.

“The thing about loving one’s self is that when you do, you won’t let anyone mistreat you; you will know that if you are in a place where you are not being honoured then you are dishonouring yourself. When you love yourself you will know that you are unique and special, that you are deserving of big love; that you deserve to live the life that you want and not what others want for you. When you love yourself you know that you are a good person just as you are,” she said.

Ms Davis said she hopes the project will help women connect that inner voice within that whispers, “There must be more to life than this”, and then propel them into action.

Women who are afraid to be alone, in an unhealthy relationship, are at a crossroads in their personal and professional life, have recently ended or need to end a relationship, feel stuck, are ready for true love, want/need to forgive, want to mend the relationship with a child, or are ready to stop existing and start living should consider participating, Ms Davis said.

“Even though it is an online programme that can be done at any time, I have opted to offer it on a set date so that we all can do it together. Something powerful happens when women get together and we collectively set an agenda. This will be good ground for healing, manifestation and the first step towards living a life that you love,” she said.

“What I hope to achieve is simply the importance of loving yourself; taking care of the most important person in your life and loving yourself enough to know that you are an amazing woman.”

For more information contact 328-8668, 451-6767, or e-mail journeytoeve@gmail.com.


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