Neko Grant's Minnis Vendetta

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Neko Grant is one of the more fortunate MPs, due to him being in a very safe FNM constituency in Freeport. The Central Grand Bahama constituency is home to many highly accomplished Bahamian families who would not sell their votes for a mess of porridge like many lower income individuals from the ghetto areas of New Providence. Grant is one of the six renegade FNM MPs trying to destroy the leadership of Dr Hubert Minnis.

He is apparently a surrogate of Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner, the obvious ringleader. Grant has been a thorn in the side of Minnis over the past several months. We understand that his FNM generals from Lucaya have informed him that he will not be getting another nomination. We thought Hubert Ingraham, former FNM leader, was going to dump Grant in 2012, but for some unknown reason decided to keep him on the FNM ticket. Based on his antics in recent times, more especially a scathing letter that was printed in The Tribune in which he had a few choice words for Minnis in the most condescending fashion, Grant appears to be harbouring some deep-seated vendetta against Minnis over him not receiving another FNM nod for Lucaya.

By publicly humiliating Minnis, this is his way of getting back at the FNM and its leader for rejecting his candidacy. He would have never dared to treat Ingraham in this manner. Grant, along with the remaining members of the gang of six, are on a campaign to derail the Minnis for PM Campaign, even if it means causing the FNM to lose the election next year.

They would rather see Mr Perry Christie sworn in as PM for a third time. We believe that it was Grant who emailed that letter to The Tribune with the aim of bringing further embarrassment to his leader. Grant could have dealt with whatever matters he had with Minnis internally, rather than air the FNM’s dirty laundry out in the public.

It’s FNMs like Grant and Butler-Turner who have brought the FNM down to its knees. We believe Grant, by sending that letter to the newspaper, was emulating Butler-Turner, who is believed to have also done the same, albeit under monikers. PM Perry Christie is inept, yet not one of his MPs would dare to castigate him in a public forum. If Minnis was tardy in his 2016/17 budget contribution, Grant should have pulled him aside and told him so. After all, that is what seasoned professionals do. Grant also crossed a line by insinuating that Minnis was not being forthright when he left the House in the wee hours of June 23 during the wrap up of the 2016/17 budget debate due to an ailment. It was borderline treason for Grant to rail at his leader in such a disrespectful fashion. Even the accusation that Minnis was ignorant of what was being discussed in the House was below the belt.

Grant talks as if his contributions during House debates have been stellar. He is clearly taking his cue from the ringleader of the gang of six. His tirade against Minnis is downright irrational and unfair. We Minnisites believe Grant is nursing a grudge against the FNM executive team because his days in the House are numbered under Minnis. He has aligned himself with Butler-Turner and is singing hard for his supper. If the team of Dr Duane Sands and Loretta Butler-Turner prevails at convention, Grant will receive another nomination.

That is why he has thrown down the gauntlet and is determined to wreck the team of Minnis and Peter Turnquest. As FNM delegates prepare to cast their ballots at convention, they must keep in mind that one of the main reasons that our party has been woefully ineffective in opposing the scandal ridden PLP government is because Grant and members of the gang of six have caused endless distractions for Minnis.

They have given far more opposition to Minnis than to the PLP. If Minnis wins at convention, Grant, Butler-Turner and the remaining FNM rebels should all do the honourable thing.   


June 26, 2016.

(Mr Neko Grant did not send a copy of the letter that he wrote to Dr Minnis to The Tribune. However, the letter had been circulated among other members of the party. — Ed).


Economist 4 years, 8 months ago

You just don't get it. Attacking Minnis is not going to get the PLP re-elected but keeping Minnis Leader of the FNM will get the PLP re-elected.

It will not be the voter who re-elects the PLP rater than by the old die hard fossils of the FNM deciding that they would rather lose the election just so that they can make a point that they are in control of the FNM by keeping Minnis there.

I don't know anyone over 45 who has a good thing to say about Minnis. They all want him to resign.


DEDDIE 4 years, 8 months ago

Economist your bias is rendering you illogical. C.A. Smith, Carl Bethel and myself are over forty five. If you didn't know, now you know. I don't even know Mr. Minnis and I could say, its commendable for a newspaper boy to become a doctor.


Economist 4 years, 8 months ago

I stand corrected Deddie. I meant to say the I didn't know anyone under 45 who had a good thing to say about Minnis.

It is commendable that he became a doctor but that does not mean that he is a leader.


ghostwriter242 4 years, 8 months ago

Is this the same Neko Grant who was in charge of the road works during the previous administration. Totally incompetent!!


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