Us Embassy Buys Land Off Shirley Street For Relocation


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE US Embassy in Nassau has purchased approximately five acres of land in the “Nassau city centre” for the relocation of its downtown outpost.

The new embassy site will be located off Shirley Street, East Street and Sands Road, according to a statement yesterday from the American embassy, which added that the land purchase was finalised by the US Department of State on June 15.

However, the American embassy said construction of the new “multi-building campus” will not commence for a “few years”.

Last year, it was rumoured that the American embassy was searching for a new property after China Construction America (CCA) purchased the British Colonial Hilton and broke ground on a neighbouring luxury development, The Pointe.

However, a well-placed source refuted the speculation and explained that the embassy’s operations had outgrown its current location.

At the time, embassy officials confirmed to The Tribune that the mission was searching for a new property to relocate, but did not confirm the reason for the planned relocation. Nonetheless, embassy spokesperson Neda Brown told The Tribune that the mission would remain at its Queen Street location until a new property was secured and a new embassy built.

Yesterday, the American embassy’s statement said its relocation will “accommodate our growing US mission to the Bahamas”.

“The new multi-building campus will allow us to better achieve US foreign policy objectives as well as better serve both American and Bahamian citizens,” the statement said.

“While construction of the new facility will not commence for a few years, this site acquisition symbolises the US commitment to the Bahamas and to a US presence in downtown Nassau for decades to come.”


sealice 4 years ago

a well placed source was paid by the PLP to say that the move had nothing to do with China moving in next door?? wha wha?


Sickened 4 years ago

This is great news as it means, in theory, that the U.S. plans to maintain a presence here for the foreseeable future.


ThisIsOurs 4 years ago

The US can be intrusive and heavy handed, and it's probably a given that it's probably a wise move not to release the strategic foothold in the Bahama Islands, but, it's still a good sign that they made the commitment to be here "for decades to come". Let the game of thrones begin.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 years ago

Drawing plans for the new U.S. embassy off of Shirley St. show that it will be less than half the air conditioned square footage of the current embassy on Queen's St. The U.S. is turning to the future of this entire Caribbean/West Indies region: Cuba! The new U.S. embassy in Havana (currently under construction) will be 80 to 90 times larger than the planned Shirley St. facility. Yes, our time has come and gone in the eyes of the U.S. thanks to the corrupt Christie-led PLP government and the previous equally corrupt Ingraham-led FNM government.


licks2 4 years ago

Do you think it may have something to do with the fact that the Bahamas has a little over 250 to 300,000 people? And Cuba has over 10 million! And yes. . .even tally down on market street by the light knows that them American moving out of little China coming right across the street from them?


TalRussell 4 years ago

Comrades, how many of you remember when Prime Minister Pindling suspended the US Ambassador's airport parking privileges, after the US government had made a number of negative statements directed at The Bahamaland government?
Can you imagine if Minister Freddy did that today?
Them were the times.


avidreader 4 years ago

Bey, ya mussy young, eh? Remember when the late Carlton Francis allegedly held those American tourists in the Nassau International Airport in about the year 1970 and would not release them for several hours? It was alleged at the time that he was offended about a certain incident in the Miami International Airport. You young boys have very little historical perspective and the rest have short memories. Imagine my surprise when, as a young student in an American university, I was asked to explain what was happening in the Nassau International Airport simply because I was from The Bahamas. Man, I was as puzzled as the local students. You readers need to check your newspaper archives or consult with granny.


TalRussell 4 years ago

Comrade, yeah that was when the US customs officer thought he had detected a "lump" in The Bahamaland government minister's clothing? The US would latter go on to apologize for the actions of the airport's customs officer - so must have been no more than just one them hernia lumps - brought on by heavy lifting, hey?


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