In Answer To Pointe Builders

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We should all wish The Pointe project well. The people of The Bahamas don’t need another unfinished China Construction America project looming on their skyline, especially one at the gateway to its historic downtown.

At the same time, I am flabbergasted at the outrageous and inaccurate reference by Mr Liu to Baha Mar as “some private development.” Had Mr Liu spent more of the time that Baha Mar paid for him to spend on our project instead of gallivanting about the Caribbean looking for new projects, he would realize that Baha Mar is very public. With over 40 restaurants, clubs and retail shops, it was for all to use ... including the very golf course that CCA was busy playing the days of the missed opening while we were hunkered down trying to address the catastrophe of their failure to meet the opening date.

I would expect The Pointe to be on time. CCA has enjoyed a head start, having started construction before receiving building permits! What other corners have been and are being cut? Just this week CCA proudly shared that they are close to finishing their Environmental Impact Statement. They must be sure that it is going to be approved. There is a lot of construction to remove if it is not!

The same construction equipment that Baha Mar paid for and paid to have shipped from China now seems to have found its way to the construction of The Pointe. This significant head start and apparent free equipment and supplies will help assure an on time, on budget “2017 completion.” A little free material and equipment goes a long way.

Show us the work permits! By now I must believe that the people of The Bahamas are tired of reading about the numbers of Chinese workers. One day it is 60 per cent Chinese workers ... a few days later it is 70 per cent Bahamian workers. Stop insulting the collective intelligence of the public. CCA knows how many total workers are required for the project, how many Chinese workers have already been engaged over the course for the project and how many more CCA wishes to bring, how many work permits have been obtained and how many are allowed, and what subcontractors are doing what work with what labour.

Why can’t CCA just reveal those facts, for the total arc of the project, not just the percentages on any given day or skewed to look good. Baha Mar lived with this “coconut and pea” game by CCA for four years.

CCA deceived us and the government, abandoned Baha Mar without a hint or warning, and did not, could not and have not finished their job. One year later, even with the obligation of two Completion Guarantees, they have ignored their responsibility.

We can only hope that CCA will do a good job completing The Pointe and not leave another mess at the gateway to Nassau.


Past President, Baha Mar

March 4, 2016.


Sickened 4 years, 2 months ago

The money CCA allegedly skimmed from Baha Mar sure is going a long way. Also, a 2017 completion date sure is a big window. Is it 4th quarter 2017 or summer 2017???


birdiestrachan 4 years, 2 months ago

Mr;Dunlap what is your responsibility in all this?. I do believe Bah Mar was given permission for 8,500 Chinese workers. Now you complain.


MonkeeDoo 4 years, 2 months ago

I don't think that Baha Mar applied for these. It must have been CCA as the employer of these Chinese. I don't believe that any Baha Mar people speak Mandarin. Fred Mitchel should have his @#$%^&'s cut off for allowing this or abetting it.


birdiestrachan 4 years, 2 months ago

Fred Mitchell was not there when the deal was signed with Baha mar and the CCA. Dunlap was there


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