Live a Fulfilling Life: What’s your vision?

By Christine Carey

Life can be challenging. There are ways to handle situations which make the difficulties seem like less of an issue. How do you manage everyday things that cause drama, sadness, tension and stress?

Think about any situation you feel is stressing you out. Now answer the following questions:

  1. Am I reacting to this situation or am I responding?

  2. What can I learn from a position of love and understanding about this situation that can

assist me in being a better person?

  1. Do I have the necessary tools to process what I’m thinking and feeling and not allow it to get

to the point of causing a buildup of stress?

  1. Is this situation assisting me attain the vision of my life that I have for myself?

If you have a vision for your life it becomes much easier to start eliminating things that do not assist you with achieving that vision. What this really comes down to is understanding what your mission, or purpose is in life. When we are clear about why we have been born with specific

characteristics, certain natural talents, and have adequate support and nurturing from the people in our circle of trust and love – our team or counsel who only have our best interest at heart with no ulterior motive – then we are better able to make decisions that create a more fulfilling life.

If you acknowledge that you are reacting rather than responding then you ought to take more time to understand why you are letting feelings or negative thinking be the guide when addressing that situation or person. It may be beneficial to try and really hear what a person is asking from you, or hearing what they are saying to you.

If it does not align with your vision for the life you are here to create then you may need to make some changes. If you cannot provide what is being asked then you may need to consider taking some time away.

Responding from a position of love and understanding allows you to be gentle with yourself and others. It creates more harmony and less tension when we put aside our ego thoughts and feelings and be honest with ourselves. When you think about the best version of yourself, how would you respond? When you clearly see that vision it becomes much easier to behave in elevated ways because you have ‘seen’ the type of person you want to be and the things you will or will not let into your life.

When stressful situations are compounded within us because they are not released in a physiologically healthy way they give us anxiety, cause depression and sometimes manic behaviour. The tools that can be applied to release this stress are simple and extremely effective. A quick guide is this – write it out, talk it out (with people who are walking the vision of yourself you have

created, not with peers stuck in the same situation that you are making your way out of), and sweat it out (exercise).

Identifying and becoming clear about the ideal vision of your life requires that you are connected with your purpose and mission. In my experience, to realise this vision your body and mind ought to be cleared of distractions. Dr Wavel Thompson called these distractions STURBS – ‘Short Term Energy Releasing Behaviours’ like smoking, drinking, binge TV watching, over eating etcetera. When you are clear about the vision of your ideal life then cutting out what does not serve this vision becomes a straightforward, uncomplicated practice. Each day can become complete with more calmness, more gratitude and more peace creating a healthier, happier life.

• All health content in this provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.

Christine Carey is a certified holistic health and life coach (www.christine-carey.com), partner at Liquid Nutrition (www.liquidnutrition.com) and director of Corporate Wellness at 242 Consulting (www.242consulting.com). With over ten years of coaching experience, Ms Carey works with individuals and groups to assess and define their diet and lifestyle goals. She focuses on increasing knowledge, implementing new habits and creating personalized tools for success.


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