Tickle Suspect Awaits Jury’S Ruling


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A JURY is expected to return a verdict today in the case of a man who denied invading a woman’s home and tickling her feet with intent to assault her.

The 12-member panel previously heard the testimony of a woman who said she was wakened by a man she identified as 31-year-old Quinton Bethel, rubbing her feet early on the morning of September 8, 2015. The action frightened her and as she screamed. The burglar fled the house in a fit of laughing.

As he did when called on to give a defence last week, Bethel denied the allegations during his closing address to the jury yesterday.

“The prosecution, if you remember, had my charge re-read all over again. You would’ve notice assault was added. It shows a deficit in their case,” Bethel, who is representing himself, said.

“I’m standing here because the complainant identified me, or so she says. She admitted to telling her cousin (that) she said she saw someone,” the accused noted.

Bethel also asked the jury to bear in mind that no fingerprints were found on the supposed knife photographed underneath the window used to gain access to the house.

“How do we know someone actually broke into their house? Who’s to say this wasn’t staged? I’m here simply because someone said ‘it’s him’ and the government proceeded with taking my life away with no concrete evidence, only this girl saying ‘it’s him’.”

The accused told the jury that the prosecution was attempting to use their emotions to produce a conviction as opposed to using evidence.

“This whole thing has been a waste of your time and mines. The evidence by the Crown shows that the prosecutor had intended to charge me for rape. But there’s no rape charge because it would be a defamation of character if I’m found not guilty. Your son or daughter could be here today,” Bethel concluded.

Justice Vera Watkins is expected to begin summation of the evidence at 10am today before excusing the jury to deliberate.

A person convicted of burglary could serve up to 20 years imprisonment at the Department of Correctional Services.

Abagail Farrington and Maria Zancolla prosecuted the case.


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