Man Dies In Eleuthera Motorcycle Crash

Police in Eleuthera are investigating the circumstances surrounding a traffic accident that has left a man dead on Saturday.

Reports are that shortly after 4:00am, a man was riding a motorcycle on Queens Highway, Gregory Town, when he collided into a Ford Expedition vehicle that resulted in him receiving serious injuries. The man was pronounced dead on the scene by the island’s doctor.

Investigators from the Police Traffic Department in New Providence will fly into Eleuthera later today to assist in the investigation.


John 2 years, 8 months ago

While hospital officials are denying that the 51 y/o female paitient who was being treated in isolation and has since died was not being treated for Ebola, they are confirming that Ebola is among the list of communicable diseases the patient was being tested for by the centers for disease control. This is serious as if the test confirm positive for Ebola everyone that came in contact with this patient, including everyone who travelled on the flight from zJohnnasburg, South Africa, will have to be isolated and tested. Of course they cannot be treated st PMH


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