Getting Creative In The Promotion Of Fitness


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JUST the thought of playing a part in the success stories of hundreds of Bahamians who have decided to make positive changes in the areas of health and fitness gives personal trainer Dianne Gibson a feeling of gratification.

Dianne, who has since blazed a trail by being the country’s first Zumba instructor, started out as a member of Bally Total Fitness, now Club One Fitness Centre, before becoming a trainer and an employee of the fitness studio.

She said she was welcomed with opened arms by the studio’s team who then supported her in her very own fitness and wellness journey.

“I was excited to join the team as a sales and customer service representative and as the first Zumba instructor in the Bahamas. I was eventually promoted to assistant manager with a focus on events, social media and marketing. My door is always open, I am always available via phone or social media if someone is struggling or having a hard day, or if they just want to celebrate dropping a pound or two,” she said.

Dianne said she thought of creative ways to incorporate her love for dance and the performing arts into her career as a fitness trainer. She also wanted to introduce programmes for members of Club One Fitness to enjoy. She believes her purpose is to empower women of all ages to feel confident, beautiful and powerful in their own way.

“I grew up in the world of dance. I owned my first ballet shoes at the age of four, fell in love with the stage and associated movement with expression and happiness since then. Each (Club One) programme is inspired by a need in the community or to find a creative way to keep the Bahamas motivated to begin or continue a fitness programme,” said Dianne.

Some of those creative programmes have include Healthy Happy Hour, a free community event held on the last Friday of every month; SoulGa, which offers free intro sessions for yoga, Pilates, meditation and free massage demos; the Supermom Challenge; the Sexy Summer Slimdown, and Who’s Your Daddy Challenge, amongst others.

The and most recent programme is the B-FYTT (Bahamas Fit Youth Today and Tomorrow). With this programme, Club One is targeting the country’s youth to lower the national obesity rate and get kids moving.

B-FYTT, launching later this month, will be a free fitness programme for kids ages 10 to 17. The team’s plan is to continue with this programme through the summer and host field trips and in-school visits.

As one of the leading fitness studios in the Bahamas, Dianne said it is important for them to set the example for health and fitness educators around the country. She said free events spark dialogue, educate and entertain participants.

“The more ways we can introduce health and fitness and how it can fit into our community’s general lifestyle, the more we can lower the obesity rate and it’s related illnesses. We can improve the quality and longevity of our lives and those of our loved ones and we can feel happier and more confident in our bodies,” she said.

“We know that changing habits can be a difficult road, and sometimes you just can’t do it alone.”


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