Man Claims 'Malicious Prosecution' Over Murder Plot Allegations


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A MAN intends to pursue legal action over what he deemed "malicious prosecution" concerning allegations that he had a role in a murder plot.

Ian Porter, 45, of Star Estates, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes on Friday afternoon facing a charge of conspiracy to commit murder under Sections 89 (2) of the Penal Code, Chapter 84.

It is alleged that he, being concerned with others, between April 30 and May 1, conspired to murder Oneil Marshall.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, May 1, police were on mobile patrol when they saw smoke coming from a vehicle in the parking lot of the old City Meat Market building located off Market Street north, according to initial police reports.

Police examined the vehicle and found the body of an adult male with gunshot wounds. The victim, later identified as Oneil Marshall, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jamaric Green, 30, and Caryn Moss, 25,  and 37-year-old Ramon Sweeting were previously arraigned on the same charge concerning the incident.

As he did for Sweeting, Green and Moss, Magistrate Forbes told Porter he was not be required to enter a plea to the allegation until the matter is transferred to the Supreme Court by way of a voluntary bill of indictment.

The presentation of the indictment is scheduled for June 21.

He was denied bail in the interim, but was informed of his right to apply to the Supreme Court for pre-trial release.

Prior to the conclusion of the arraignment, Porter's lawyer, Jomo Campbell, relayed his client's concern with the arraignment where Kristan Stubbs - a Crown prosecutor - was present.

"Mr Porter did give a substantial alibi to the police and there's zero evidence against him," Campbell advised the court.

The lawyer said he would place on the record, in the presence of a representative from the Office of The Attorney General, that his client "intends to take legal action for malicious prosecution”.

Porter was remanded to the Department of Correctional Services in the interim.


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