Jury Shown Images Of Aftermath Of Murder


Tribune Staff Reporter


A SUPREME Court jury yesterday was shown nearly five 100 images illustrating the aftermath of the murder of a web shop employee in Deadman’s Cay, Long Island.

Crime Scene Investigator Constable Nakeisha Rodgers-Carey spoke of her role in the investigation into the the death of Andrea Carroll 17 months ago.

Constable Rodgers-Carey said that on November 29, 2014, she was on duty at the Central Detective Unit in New Providence when she received information about a homicide in Deadman’s Cay.

She and a team of officers travelled to the southern island where they met a colleague who walked them through the scene of the homicide. The officer said she took a number of digital photographs.

The jury was shown a power point presentation detailing the various images captured by the investigator.

The first 20 images illustrated the road (Queen’s Highway), different angles of the house and the yard itself.

The jury saw an image of a trampled bush where broken glass and kitchen utensils were found under a window.

Images 30 to 55 covered the kitchen, front room and hallways of the house.

It was in images 56 to 60 in which the jury saw the lifeless body of a woman, clad in her night garments, lying face down in the doorway of a bedroom where the door frame appeared to have been damaged.

Images 61 to 64 showed a black cellular phone, deposit papers and empty money bags. An apparent footprint was shown in image 67.

The subsequent images depicted blood stains in various parts of the floor and room.

Image 80 showed the jury a black handled, silver blade knife and 84 a black cord binding the female to a fan. Photo 86 showed her feet were bound.

Daphne Knowles, of Cartwright’s, Long Island, is on trial before Justice Bernard Turner on murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges.

Knowles is alleged to have killed Carroll between November 28 and 29, 2014.

It is further alleged that Knowles conspired with others for 58 days to commit robbery and actually robbed Carroll of cash belonging to Bowe’s Web Games Ltd.

The accused, who denies the allegations, is defended by attorney Sonia Timothy. Cephia Pinder-Moss and Basil Cumberbatch are prosecuting the case.

The trial resumes today.

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