Blessings Come In Bite-Size, Too


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Being able to share biblical wisdom through her writings over the past three decades has done Rev Angela Palacious just as much good as it has her readers, she says.

Rev Palacious first began writing her ‘Mediations’ 31 years ago. It has been a labour of love and a prayerful exercise that has proven to be an “anchor in stormy times and a voice when I might have chosen to be silent,” she said.

Over the years, Rev Palacious has compiled hundreds of Mediations that speak to wide-ranging issues and provide readers with encouragement for any area of their lives. She has now released a her 12th book entitled “Bite-Size Blessings For Every Day”. She believes this book will minister to the hearts of those who read it. 

Topics covered in the book include prayer, healing, forgiveness, family, national events and holidays, manhood and womanhood, youth and children, scriptures, moods and emotions, matters of education, health, wealth, and expectations and blessings.

“It is a collection of 366 mini Meditations, one for each day of the year. Each one stands alone, but at times several may have the same theme running through them. They are dated for each day from January to December, and there is an attempt to have the topics follow the general season of a calendar so that the first reflections speak to new beginnings,” Rev Palacious told Tribune Religion.

“Some persons are reading more than one at a time, so there is no right or wrong way to read them. A reader may wish to randomly turn to a page and read one or more, or read them chronologically.”

Rev Palacious said she felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit many years ago to write about her thoughts and feelings in response to the Bible, her life situations, and national and world events.

She then began writing her weekly Meditations for the church bulletin while in Eleuthera, and continued when she returned to New Providence. She was asked to write for The Nassau Guardian and later began to submit articles to The Tribune, as she still does on a weekly basis.

“The bitten apple on the cover sends the message that the Meditations are a manageable size for the average person, easy to digest and good for them – an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It was also pointed out to me that it counters the first apple eaten in the Garden of Eden, immediately reminding me that the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord, is the new Eve, and Jesus our Saviour is the new Adam,” she said.

Rev Palacious said she wants to offer hope and encouragement to readers who may still be facing challenging times in their lives in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. “I want to offer readers hope for the future as they come to depend on God more and more. It is my prayer that as they read the scriptures recommended and the meditations, readers will feel their spirits being lifted, I hope that they will decide that now is the time for a new direction morally and spiritually. This is the time for personal and national transformation,” she said.

“I want family life to be renewed and education to be seen as vital, and for domestic violence and crime to be drastically reduced. I desire to promote healing and forgiveness, reconciliation and restitution to make up the ground that has been lost in every area of society.”

“Bite-Size Blessings For Every Day” is available for $10 at the Anglican Diocesan Bookstore, Buy the Book, the Bible Book and Gift Centre, and Logos Bookstore.


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